Personality Profile

Based on the work of Carl Jung,
Katharine Cook Briggs, and Isabel Briggs Meyers

This profile can tell a lot about a person and is used by many colleges and businesses.  There are 16 "types" of personalities, ENFP, ISTJ, ESTJ, INFP, etc.    

IMPORTANT DIRECTIONS--PLEASE READ:  The test for the profile is 70 (A or B) questions and takes about 10 minutes to complete.  Just answer each question as best you can.  There are no right or wrong answers (as half the population would answer either way), just be yourself.  Sometimes it can be a bit frustrating because you will want to pick both answers, and at other times you will not want to pick either answer.  Just pick the one that best fits you most of the time.  Also, don't say what you wish you were, or what you want to become, answer how you are now.  Remember, there are no right or wrong answers.  Each of the 16 personality types has favorable and unfavorable traits, so just answer as honestly as you can.

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1. At a party do you usually *
interact with many, including strangers
interact with a few, known to you

2. Are you more *
philosophically inclined

3. Are you more intrigued by *

4. Are you usually more *
fair minded
kind hearted

5. Do you tend to be more *

6. Do you prefer to work *
to deadlines
just "whenever"

7. Do you tend to choose *
rather carefully
somewhat impulsively

8. At parties do you *
stay late, with increasing energy
leave early, with decreased energy

9. Are you a more *
sensible person
reflective person

10. Are you more drawn to *
hard data
abstract ideas

11. Is it more natural for you to be *
fair to others
nice to others

12. In first approaching others are you more *
impersonal and detached
personal and engaging

13. Are you usually more *

14. Does it bother you more having things *

15. In your social groups do you *
keep abreast of others' happenings
get behind on the news

16. Are you usually more interested in *

17. Do you prefer writers who *
say what they mean
use lots of analogies

18. Are you more naturally *

19. In judging, are you more likely to be *

20. Do you usually *
settle things
keep options open

21. Are you usually rather *
quick to agree to a time
reluctant to agree to a time

22. In phoning do you usually *
just start talking
rehearse what you'll say

23. Facts *
speak for themselves
usually require interpretation

24. Do you prefer to work with *
practical information
abstract ideas

25. Are you inclined to be more *
cool headed
warm hearted

26. Would you rather be more *

27. Are you more comfortable *
setting a schedule
putting things off

28. Are you more comfortable with *
written agreements
handshake agreements

29. In company do you *
start conversations
wait to be approached

30. Traditional common sense is *
usually trustworthy
often misleading

31. Children often do not *
make themselves useful enough
daydream enough

32. Are you usually more *
tough minded
tender hearted

33. Are you more *

34. Are you more prone to keep things *
well organized

35. Do you put more value on the *

36. Does new interaction with others *
stimulate and energize you
tax your reserves

37. Are you more frequently *
a practical sort of person
an abstract sort of person

38. Which are you drawn to *
accurate perception
concept formation

39. Which is more satisfying *
to discuss an issue thoroughly
to arrive at agreement on an issue

40. Which rules you more *
your head
your heart

41. Are you more comfortable with work *
done on a casual basis

42. Do you prefer things to be *
neat and orderly

43. Do you prefer *
many friends with brief contact
a few friends with longer contact

44. Are you more drawn to *
substantial information
credible assumptions

45. Are you more interested in *

46. Are you more comfortable when you are *

47. Do you value in yourself more that you are *

48. Are you more comfortable with *
final statements
tentative statements

49. Are you more comfortable *
after a decision
before a decision

50. Do you *
speak easily and at length with strangers
find little to say to strangers

51. Are you usually more interested in the *
particular instance
general case

52. Do you feel more *

53. Are you typically more a person of *
clear reason
strong feeling

54. Are you inclined more to be *

55. Is it preferable mostly to *
make sure things are arranged
just let things happen

56. Is it your way more to *
get things settled
put off settlement

57. When the phone rings do you *
hasten to get to it first
hope someone else will answer

58. Do you prize more in yourself a *
good sense of reality
good imagination

59. Are you drawn more to *

60. In judging are you usually more *

61. Do you consider yourself more *
clear headed
good willed

62. Are you more prone to *
schedule events
take things as they come

63. Are you a person that is more *

64. Are you more inclined to be *
easy to approach
somewhat reserved

65. Do you have more fun with *
hands-on experience
blue-sky fantasy

66. In writings do you prefer *
the more literal
The more figurative

67. Are you usually more *

68. Are you typically more *

69. Is it more like you to *
make snap judgments
delay making judgments

70. Do you tend to be more *

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