10 Best Apps for Digital Marketing

By Katie Pierce – Digital marketing has always been an ever-evolving landscape. Amplified by the global pandemic, more brands flock to digital spaces to mount their campaigns. With this, marketers took the task of staying updated with the latesttrends and practices that attract and keep customers in the current sphere. What works today may not work tomorrow, so it’s essential to maintain an open approach to new business models, tech advances, and innovations that can step up your digital marketing skills among the rest.

Marketers can’t do it all by themselves, though. Fortunately, several applications can keep their content, monitoring, productivity, and strategic needs on top of their game. Here are the ten best apps worth checking out for your digital marketing needs!

For Content Marketing


The first element of successful marketing content is clear messaging. So typos and grammatical mistakes are a big ‘no-no.’ With Grammarly, you can have every email, social media post, or blog article checked for sloppy grammar and misspellings. You can even install a keyboard plug-in to keep your content error-free. What makes Grammarly the best companion for writers and editors is its Free plan that almost covers everything you need!


Content is king—and it isn’t limited to the articles we read but also to those that we see. Improve your brand look by creating professional images through Canva. It has never been easier to produce presentations, social media promotions, or even edit videos with the app’s wide-range selection of photos, elements, and templates. You can even share your work on your brand’s social media seamlessly. Canva can empower everyone’s inner creativity to make their design ideas happen without making the task intimidating.

For Brand Monitoring


One of the most powerful marketing tools is the word-of-mouth approach. It is also the best way to gain perspectives on how your customers see your brand. With tools like Mention, you can now monitor your brand’s presence across the internet. This app will give reports and analysis on what people say about you in social media posts, blogs, and even news sites. It’s efficient for gaining insights to improve your products or check the online status of your brand.

Google Analytics

Know your audience and customers by monitoring your website through Google Analytics. Applications like this help you have a clearer picture of who’s clicking on your content, which products they like, as well as their time spent browsing on your site. Google Analytics also lets you expound on the characteristics of your audience based on your website traffic. Aside from being free and available in mobile, it can also play a significant role in turning your report insights into opportunities for future leads and digital marketing efforts.

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For Project Management


If you’re running multiple online campaigns, it can be hard to stick to a schedule. Buffer got your back in keeping your brand’s social media updates scheduled with ease. Never miss a post again, be it for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Pinterest! You can also have an optimal analysis of how your brand performed with this tool.


Step up your project management skills with Trello. This app enables you to kickstart your projects through boards and detailed checklists. Create reminders, assign tasks to your teammates, and schedule important meetings inside a sleek application. If you get overwhelmed, don’t worry because Trello also comes with an interactive manual that you can use to navigate around. To top it all up, it’s also free!

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For Email Marketing

Mail Chimp

Old but gold—Mail Chimp is a marketing tool that helps your brand build relationships with a widescale audience. It’s the perfect starter for new businesses taking their first steps in communicating with their market through email campaigns. The app also offers free plans and will charge you only when you’ve reached 2,000 email subscribers.


Currently, Substack is one of the rising email marketing initiatives that allow you to create an email newsletter and a blog post at the same time. What makes this app popular is its organic approach in the way marketers compose their message that receiving one feels more like a letter than a promotion. Campaigns through Substack make email generators a thing of the past, especially when the emails that land in a customer’s inbox are worth reading and tailor-fit to their attention span and interests.

For Efficiency and Productivity

Google Docs Editors

Aside from a thousand questions that Google answers every day, it has also solved the collaboration dilemma of the modern generation. With its Docs, Sheets, and Slides, working together with your team in a single document is now possible. Its compatibility with Microsoft Office’s Word, Excel, and Powerpoint also allows its users to edit and create from anywhere, maximizing productivity while being on the go.

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At the core of every digital marketing campaign is a rigorous brainstorming session. With the current limitations of workplaces, these meetings can become cluttered and confusing—but not anymore. Evernote is a tool made to organize your ideas and notes. You can even compile research and topics in its friendly UI. It’s easy to use (and free!), so your team can seamlessly develop ideas and marketing campaigns online.

Digital Marketing Success Comes From Growth

Despite the continuously changing landscapes of the industry, your brand can gain a reliable helping hand through these applications, especially on the critical parts of your marketing campaign. Equipping your team with these tools can be beneficial for successful digital campaigns and overall business growth.


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