11 Ways to Stay in Touch With Long-Distance Friends

Long-distance friendships are a fact of adulthood, given how frequently we move around for education, career, or family. If you’ve managed to keep friendships from childhood or college, you know how tough it can be to keep in contact with old friends. It is more difficult when our careers, marriages, or family obligations lead us on various paths.

There’s no need to allow physical distance to keep you from being connected, even if it takes some preparation and extra effort to keep up.

New types of technology have made it much simpler to stay in touch. Using social media platforms like WhatsApp may make us feel less lonely and more connected to the people we care about.

Keep in Touch with Long-Distance Friends in 11 Easy Steps

Here are eleven simple things you can do to remain in touch with your long-distance best friend and strengthen your friendship.

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Send Postcards

Postcards are an excellent method to stay in touch while also giving a personal and thoughtful touch. Taking the time to send a postcard demonstrates your appreciation for the connection, especially with so many options and gadgets for communication at our disposal.

There is always this joy associated with receiving mail from the post office, even if it is a little antiquated. Especially since that hardly seldom happens these days. Make postcards out of old images of the two of you and send them to your friend.

Talk More on the Phone

Staying in contact has never been easier thanks to texting, emailing, tweeting, and other technologies. However, don’t discount the value of a good, old-fashioned phone call. Longer, more in-depth talks should be saved for phone calls or video conferences.

For example, the Talk360 app allows you to make dependable and inexpensive calls to any landline or mobile phone around the globe. You use this app to call Ethiopia with the appropriate country code for cheap and even if they don’t have a stable internet connection.

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Play Internet Games Together

Online games like Words with Pals allow you to play with your friends while also chatting with them straight in the app. This can help create new fun memories with long-distance friends.

Maintain Small Talks

Small chat is essential for keeping a connection accessible. Not every discussion has to be about profound connection and emotion when talking face to face; and it doesn’t have to be when talking at a distance. There isn’t much of an excuse nowadays, with so many gadgets and chatting applications! Some ways to maintain small talks are listed below.

  • Check up on them at least once a day to see what they’re up to.
  • Inquire about their everyday activities and routines, such as their commute to work, a person they met at school, or what they ate for lunch.
  • Don’t just ask “How are you?” or “How are you?”. Instead, ask “How are you doing emotionally?” or “What are your opinions on the present status of the world?”

Plan a Visit

Visit as soon as feasible. Even if it doesn’t work out in the end, arranging future visits relieves the stress of figuring out when and where you’ll see each other next.

If you’ll be passing in their area, you can try to squeeze a visit in with your pal. If you’re heading to a city where your friend resides, for example, you may ask to meet up for lunch or dinner. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to spend with your buddy, taking this time to catch up and connect can help you keep the connection going.

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Have a Catch-Up Schedule

Arrange catch-up phone conversations and determine for how long and prepare appropriately. Make sure nothing else is happening while on the phone. There are no dishes, no folding of clothes, and no other distractions. Friendships, whether long-distance or not, involve forethought and effort, so make time for them.

Send Care Packages

Shippable boxes or gift baskets filled with a variety of gifts and handwritten messages are known as care packages. Care packages are nice and frequently surprising presents that are ideal for delivering to long-distance friends and relatives.

Send a charming present to your best buddy. Make them feel special by including a friendship band or the person’s favorite chocolate in the present. Figure out something your friend can’t get where they are; it can be groceries, accessories, or clothing. Send it to them in a package.

Leverage Social Media

Occasionally share images of pleasant occasions with your buddy on social media platforms. Social networking helps to remain in touch with old acquaintances. You can also keep in touch with close friends via email and the occasional phone call and visit.

Share Relevant and Fun Content

Regularly exchange information and expertise about topics that you both share or are interested in. Share a variety of other fun engaging content such as comedy videos. You can also share fun stories about your personal life. This can help strengthen the bond.

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Don’t Hesitate to Reach Out

If you’re stuck in a communication rut, your buddy is probably feeling the same way, so don’t be hesitant to reach out first. It demonstrates to your friend that they don’t have to be afraid of rejection. When phone calls aren’t enough, consider paying a visit. There is no “correct” visit frequency, so figure out what works best for you and your companion.

Discuss Common Interests

Create an “anchor” for your friendship. An anchor is something you both have that functions as a catalyst for you to reach out to each other. Maybe you both enjoy cooking and email each other images of new meals you’ve created, along with a link to the recipe. Or you both enjoy, say, a TV series, and you contact each other after each episode airs to discuss it. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it aids in the establishment of a relationship.

You could also start a book at the same time and commit to having weekly check-ins to discuss it. Also, try being open about what’s going on in your life and asking open-ended questions to encourage your friend to be open as well.


Things connected to long-distance relationships are frequently perceived unfavorably. Just because you’re apart doesn’t mean your friendship has to suffer. Following the eleven ways to keep in touch discussed in this article will help sustain your long-distance friendship.


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