Basic rules for creating an online game

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So you’ve been thinking about the good old days and remembered the times
when you used to go on MiniClip and NewGrounds in search for the latest and greatest flash games to spend some time with.

Thing is, Flash is basically dead at this point and only a limited number of people are taking the time to convert those classics into newer formats. Sure, there are workaround to playing those old games – NewGrounds has its own, as an example – but playing the same stuff forever can get quite boring.

Creating Your Own Online Game

First thing’s first, this isn’t a tutorial on how to create a complex-looking game like Call of Duty or even Fortnite. Those types of games require a large team to be made and can’t be created by a single person.

However, we will be focusing on games that are similar to the flash stuff you’ve seen and loved to play in the past. Those can be created, most times, by a single person or just two people. And you won’t be needing any expensive equipment either; a good old PC will suffice. Follow these rules, and the rest will come naturally by searching for tutorials dedicated to the program you’re using.

Write a Description

Before even thinking of making an entire plan, it is best to outline a basic description of what your game will be about. Be sure to include the game’s features, the player’s goals, and a short outline of the plot.

Think before you write, however, about your unique selling point. What makes your game special? There are numerous First Person Shooters out there, but you can’t really compare Doom to Spec Ops: The Line, can you?

Draw Sketches

After the basics are down, it is time for you to start drawing some sketches. How do you want your game to look? What will the UI be like? How will some levels be laid out?

Ask yourself these questions and start drawing. No, you won’t be needing any artistic talent for this process as you will only be laying out the basic gist of things. When the time comes to actually create the game, then you can focus on details and design rules.

gamer playing a pc game

Choose a Game Creation Tool

There are numerous game engine and game creation tools out there to choose from. Some are more complex, like the Unreal Engine that allows you to create all sorts of graphical effects and whatnot. Others are a little easier to learn, like Stencyl that’s made for creating flash-style games.

Either way, you’ll need software that you can master without many hiccups and that can adapt to your specific needs. For example, if you want to create a poker game, you might want to try something that allows you to program multiple tournament formats for Texas Hold’em. If you want to create an RTS, be sure to get software that can support multiple command inputs from the player. And so on, and so forth.

Closing Thoughts

These are the basic rules you should follow if you want to create your own simple online game. If you want a more advanced tutorial to create a more complex game, then we recommend searching for courses from accredited sources, such as the ones that the software creators themselves recommend.

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