Different Types of Laptop Locks and Their Benefits

You’re probably aware of a lock screen feature on your laptop or computer. You perhaps know how to set up a screen lock to help secure your machine. This feature is extremely important to prevent an unknown person from accessing your device and opening sensitive files.

Do you know you can safeguard your laptop and protect it from being stolen? Yes, it is possible with a laptop lock device. This locking system enables you to prevent any thieves from stealing your expensive laptop or computer.

What is a Laptop Lock?

Laptop locks are the devices used to secure your portable machine from being stolen. It is very handy to use, especially at offices, restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels where you leave your laptop for some time. The lock paralyzes thieves from simply walking away with your system.

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You can find different types of computer locks online, right from simple cables with a locking tool to more complex Bluetooth-enabled devices. Choose any of them depending on your choice to keep your hardware safe.

Different Types of Laptop Locks

Flash Drive Laptop Locks: A flash drive computer lock is one of the many choices to safeguard your machine. These locks let your USB drive lock and unlock your computer. The tool automatically locks the computer when a specific USB drive is unplugged from the PC and unlocks when the USB is plugged back.

This type of lock is ideal for those looking for something easy to use. However, you will have to keep track of the lock at all times to prevent it from missing.

Kensington Computer Lock: Kensington laptop lock is one of the most popular security devices that attaches a cable from a computer to a table. Designed for portability, the tool has a security cable that you can use by easily wrapping around a desk or stationary object. Similar to a bicycle lock, it is easy to use and comes with a key for locking and unlocking.

Computer Lockbox: A computer lockbox is a specifically designed tool to have a secure and protected place for locking portable computers. This small box allows you to store your machine. Advanced lockboxes have their own security features, like combination locks or keyed locks.

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This additional layer of security makes it difficult for thieves to access your system. Despite it being bulky and difficult to transport, this lockbox is useful if security is your primary concern.

Smart Lock: This lock for your laptop is comparatively a new security device. It works by connecting to your machine via Bluetooth. If successfully connected, you can use your smartphone for locking and unlocking your laptop.

It is the most convenient and easiest form of laptop lock. You don’t have to worry about carrying any key. But a smart lock is less secure when compared with other locking tools as it can be disconnected effortlessly.

Benefits of Laptop Locks

Laptop locks offer many benefits to users. No matter which one you are choosing, you can keep your laptop safe.

  • ● A lock deters crime by making it more difficult to steal devices.
  • ● The security device makes your laptop visible but difficult to be stolen.
  • ● A locking system gives you peace of mind.
  • ● You no longer have to worry about the machine getting stolen.
  • ● Some locks enable you to keep a track of the device if it gets stolen.
  • ● Finally, the lock protects your investment.

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Bottom Line

Now that you are aware of different types of laptop locks, choose one according to your personal need and preference. But before choosing one, consider why you need a lock, and how much you can invest. Pick a lock that’s compatible with your device.



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