FIFA 22 has gameplay revealed: See what changes with HyperMotion

The FIFA 22 had gameplay details released recently by Electronic Arts (EA). The new title has a release date for PlayStation 5 ( PS5 ), PlayStation 4 ( PS4 ), Xbox Series S / X , Xbox One and PC on October 1st . On next-gen consoles, the classic football game features HyperMotion technology, which promises a more realistic and responsive gameplay. According to the producers, this is the first year in which they have been able to really take advantage of the potential of the new consoles, thanks to an 11 versus 11 game capture system combined with machine learning .

The successor to FIFA 21 has Kylian Mbappé as the cover star. Remember that HyperMotion is exclusive to next-gen consoles.

What is HyperMotion?

According to the producers of FIFA 22, the previous generation of consoles already made the implementation of big news difficult, due to technical limitations. Now, with more processing and memory offered by devices like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, it’s possible to try to improve what they call the four “pillars”: visual fidelity, responsiveness, variety and football depth.

In previous releases of the series, player movements were captured more individually, reaching up to three players at a time, gathered in studios. The game team asked the player to make some specific moves. Through special equipment, moves were captured and animations were transferred to the game.

In FIFA 22, with the advanced capture of 11 on 11 matches, the idea is to get information directly from the football environment. The players involved wear special clothing while actually playing and trying to win a match. The results tend to be a greater fidelity in the intensity of the animations, with improvements also in the technique of the movements.

HyperMotion also has machine learning technology , which is the ability of a computer to analyze data to make predictions. In practice, this allows the game to improve the positioning of players on the field, for example, making the team as a whole behave more faithfully to reality.

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What changes in FIFA 22 gameplay?

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‘Kinetic aerial battles’ promise plays more faithful to reality in FIFA 22 — Photo: Press Release/EA Sports

The HyperMotion technology, which will only be available for next-gen consoles, brings considerable changes to the overall functioning of FIFA 22. The first of these is the “authentic full-team movement”, touted as the biggest animation update the series has ever had. There are more than four thousand different movements, three times more than in other years. They can be seen in many cases, whether in a goalkeeper’s defense, a cross or when a player tries to avoid the ball going out, to name a few examples.

FIFA 22’s gameplay also takes advantage of a machine learning stream, which analyzes over 8.7 million frames of animation in real time. This allows, for example, the player to move closer to kick the ball in a way that makes more sense in relation to reality, with shorter steps and a longer step before the kick, or to spin in a more natural way.

With ” tactical artificial intelligence “, there is an update on the way the team moves around the field. While attacking, players can now make six times more decisions per second, improving support for the player who is currently on the ball. The defense has also been redesigned, with players moving as a unit, changing the way the other team must find spaces.

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Another new feature available in the new generation FIFA 22 is what brings the so-called “kinetic air battles”. In aerial plays, the movements of the players involved are captured simultaneously, which should provide a better experience in this type of throw. Still on the visual issue, the “compound ball control” changes the way players receive the ball, exchanging short animations for long ones.

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The humanization of players is also a turning point for HyperMotion. Various animations have been added even for moments when the ball is not rolling. The goal is for players to “do things humans do”. You can see them interacting with each other, possibly arguing or asking for the ball. The changes also apply to facial expressions.

Changes in the atmosphere of matches

The new generation FIFA 22 also brings improvements in terms of the atmosphere of the matches, seeking greater immersion. Before each game, it is possible to see some images of changing rooms, the lawn being irrigated or treated and the players warming up, as well as light shows. The game also takes advantage of the PlayStation 5’s 3D audio and DualSense controller haptic feedback to enhance the player experience.

The fans have new ways of supporting players, with specific screams that have been captured for some teams, in classic moments like the song “You’ll Never Walk Alone” in Liverpool fans, for example. If the team needs encouragement at the end of the match, the crowd behaves more intensely. In the event of a very expressive defeat, fans will also be able to leave the stadium earlier, as in real life.

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Changes to the game’s lighting were applied to seek more vibrant colors on the turf and team uniforms. FIFA 22 also revisited the shape of players’ bodies, making slight changes in the size of parts such as the head and shoulders. Although they were already present in some of the main stars, the tattoos were expanded to more players, including Brazilian Roberto Firmino, for example.

In the goal celebrations, new animations are available, including some specific for great players. Firmino was also cited as an example, but the appeal also expands to coaches, with personalized celebrations for names like Manchester City coach Josep Guardiola.

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What changes for previous generation consoles?

Previous generation consoles, which include PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, will also see changes in FIFA 22 from its predecessor. One of them is a new system for goalkeepers, with more reliable defenses, greater personality and an updated animation. The idea is that repetitions of goalkeeper animations are rarer, with greater variety.

Significant changes in ball physics also come to the previous generation of consoles. The developers sought to bring the ball’s real-world characteristics to FIFA, which resulted in considerable differences in the object’s trajectory, effect and all aspects involving its movement.

Another novelty is the “explosive sprint”, which seeks to bring a feeling of explosiveness in speed shots. If the defender doesn’t start running at the right time, the attacker will have acquired a significant advantage, which is no longer linear as in previous games.

The list of new features also includes new attack tactics, four new dribbles and more stats during matches, visible already at half-time. All features that come from the previous generation will also be available in the next generation FIFA 22


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