How to create a Strong Team of Freelance Workers

By Joyce Wilson – When you start a business, you must make vital decisions, such as who your employees are. In some cases, you may want to hire freelancers as opposed to full-time employees. However, to benefit from this, you need a strong team andmust use your resources to your advantage. 

Positions Most Suited for Freelancers 

Hiring a freelancer is better in some situations as you don’t have to provide insurance. Additionally, when you hire a 1099 contractor, you have fewer responsibilities regarding their taxes. Not to mention, if it’s for an as-needed position, you’ll save yourself the headache of incorporating them into your payroll system. Some examples of jobs that work well as freelance include web design, writing, marketing, and accounting.

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Decide If They Can Work Remotely 

Many contractors are used to working from home and don’t wish to come to an office. Therefore, you’ll need to decide whether your freelance employees can work remotely. If you place an ad, you’ll need to specify that the freelancer will work from home. Additionally, you must mention if the contractor will need any programs to work remotely, such as Microsoft Word. 

Find Freelancers on Job Boards

Search for freelancers on sites like Fiverr and CloudPeeps. In some cases, it makes sense to look for contractors from around the world. For instance, you could use Freelancer to find freelance workers in China for administrative tasks or graphic design. 

Utilize Online Programs to Your Advantage

Fortunately, the internet can make it easier than ever to hire freelancers. With programs like Slack, Asana, and Fleep, all your contractors and employees can collaborate as necessary. Certain programs allow you to list the tasks that need to be done, designate them, and monitor their progress.

Using a PDF converter can also make managing your business easier. With a program to convert PDFs to .docx files, you can send paperwork to contractors quickly. Simply upload, convert, and download the new document and then send as needed.  

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Use a Payment System to Reduce Expenses

Before you officially hire your staff, have a payment method implemented. Because it’s time-consuming to send checks overseas and the fees for wire transfers can be significant, choose a way that allows you to transfer money online. For example, Remitly is a platform for sending money to other countries. To send money from the United States to China, you pay no fees for transfers up to $1,000.

Simplify Your Business Management 

When you’re consumed with business management tasks, it can take your focus away from hiring a freelance team. And when this happens, you might not like the results you receive from your freelancers. Take time to reduce your hands-on management.

You could form a limited liability company (LLC) to simplify taxes and ensure liability is covered. Forming an LLC also provides tax benefits. Using a formation company can save money and time as it can often be done completely online, making the process highly streamlined. 

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Freelancers Can Enhance Your Business

You have more flexibility with freelancers than with full-time employees. However, you’ll need to incorporate the right programs to make the process work for your business. 



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