Making the most of your employees working hours

There is a saying that there are never enough hours in the day, and this is so true when you are running a busy business and your employees are feeling like they are being run ragged. However, there are  improvements and systems that can help them complete their workload within deadlines and will also help with overall stress levels within your business and not only for your employees but for you as well.

Introducing the 5 S system

By introducing the 5 S system to your workers, you will find that it will free up a lot of the time they spend at work and will cut down on the number of distractions that they have. This will improve employee output and the quality of the work that they produce.

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The 5 S system consists of; Sort – remove all unnecessary items from the working area. Set in order – organize workstations, tooling, and equipment that is necessary within the working environment. Shine – get the workstations and areas spotlessly clean. Standardize – set-up procedures so that all your employees are working the same way so that they have the same results. Sustain – keep it going daily, give your employees the time at the end of their working day to clean down their areas and make sure that everything is put back in its place.

Approving the right software

Get your teams using the right software to support their needs and get them working at their best. It is risky to expect the best results from any employees if they are only supplied with second or third-rate software, tools, and equipment to carry out their working roles within your business.

This is true of all departments. However, within your HR department that deals with important areas of your business, such as new intakes, employee records, and payroll, it is even more important. Having payroll software that integrates with all your HR software seamlessly and makes a very stressful job an awful lot easier can be seen as a godsend to your HR staff members.

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Get hold of your planning and scheduling

Get planning and scheduling, another area where software is required but equally as important is to make sure that every employee has access in order to keep the information on your scheduling software up to date and totally current.

Being able to adjust and move jobs around in real-time on your scheduling software can make planning a breeze, especially when you are trying to hit deadlines or see where the faults are within any live process that your teams are working on.

However, if your teams do not have access to it or they can not alter or add information to your scheduling software in the form of labels, notes or move it on, etc., then your scheduling will fail. In order for any scheduling to be efficient, work well, and be a benefit to your business, your members of staff must be able to adjust the information too.


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