Managed IT services trends in 2021

Over the past few years, the technology progress increased its pace forcing business owners to digitalize or die. To catch up with constantly changing ITstandards, business owners struggle increasing budget spending and hiring dedicated teams to take care of specific technical streams. So here comes the question: how to cope with it, especially during such turbulent times we are living in?

Managed IT services to the rescue! They allow you to delegate a certain portion of the business task by offering proactive assistance with a service you purchase. You don’t need to worry about organizing training and hiring your own specialists to support a new technology you are planning to implement but leave it to a Managed Service Provider also known as MSP.

The main advantage in comparison to hiring in-house personnel is saving costs. Also, since the MSP team is well-acquainted with the technology that needs to be supported, the time-frames for an incident response if something goes wrong are much shorter.

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So here we go with the top 4 trends in managed IT services:


It revolutionized technology quite some time ago, yet it stays in trend and is not going away any time soon. Using Cloud is especially valid for growing businesses, as you can allocate as much server capacity as it’s required in the particular moment, e.g. to sustain the traffic spikes during the marketing promos or load testing. While in traditional hosting services, you would need to reserve RAM, Disk space, and CPU paying crazy bills for the resources you may not need. Taking into account that a decision to move to a cloud in many cases is valid for companies that have already established infrastructure, it’s recommended to choose a provider that is compatible with tools that are already in use in your business. For instance, Centrestack’s file server technology that is compatible with the Active Directory and NTFS allows to avoid unnecessary manual re-creation of files and permissions.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

With technologies getting smarter, there are more ways to benefit from them. With the development of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms, businesses can turn data into a powerful tool. Receiving insights on the behavioral patterns of their customers and making predictions on their further behavior, organizing smart reporting systems that alert you about the abnormalities before a disaster happens are just to name a few applications of AI. So nothing surprising in it being a trend in the MSP industry.

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With the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of cyberattacks on average was varying from 3000 to 4000 cases per day at the beginning of the pandemic, and these were only the complaints reported to the FBI. With different types of attacks starting from malware infections to DDoS attacks and SQL exploits, new hacking methods and vulnerabilities rear their ugly heads. So delegating cybersecurity to professionals is not only a trend but a compulsory condition to keep your business running.


With business development, there are more tasks to handle, thus more people are required. Automation helps to break this circle replacing human efforts with scripts that are following the procedure starting from routine business processes like automated quality assurance testing to infrastructure monitoring. Involving a managed service provider can help to speed this process up and make automation happen the right way starting from the audit of the current procedure, moving on to the automation plan, and implementing it step-by-step.

As more and more businesses are going online, all their efforts are focused on budget optimization and risk-prevention strategies, so it’s natural that the popularity of MSP grows. But with more demand, new companies offering managed services appear. So before signing a contract with one, make sure to conduct your research and choose wisely!


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