Five best code editors for Linux

Updated on May 17th.
Coding is an essential part in the life of developers. Building good applications or web pages requires a good and reliable code editor or IDE. More and more developers are choosing Linux over other operating systems (more…)

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Git Fetch vs Pull

What is the difference between a git fetch and a git pull ? In a nutshell, A git pull operation updates a local branch (under refs/heads) with its remote version. It will at the same time update the other remote branches (under refs/remotes). (more…)

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Inside the world of Ham Radio

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In an era when many hams are using social media to promote their businesses, ham radio is a throwback. It’s a hobby that unfolds largely in person, from the citywide gatherings of the ARRL Ham Radio Field Day to the smaller events, such as the monthly get-together at a Colonial Heights condo complex. (more…)

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