Project Management Software: How Does It Aid Decision Making

Does your company use project management software to aid decision making? Setting goals, providing a quality service and achieving success depends on a series of factors, such as an engaged team, process optimization and communication cohesion.Implementing this may seem simple, but as the organization grows or processes become more complex, the manager may find it difficult to practice strategic management. Thus, improving project management can be an alternative to make better decisions and software can be a good solution.

In this article, you will find out how project management software can help decision making.

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What is the importance of strategic management in companies?

Strategic management is the management of action plans envisioning the company’s success. In this type of management, there is planning and monitoring so that what was planned is executed with maximum efficiency and excellence .

Having strategic management in the companies is the necessary basis to develop the processes and, consequently, reach the goals. However, many managers measure the quality of management only based on the organization’s profits. Indeed, it is an important factor, but not the only one that should influence decisions.

Processes, people, relationships and responsibilities need to be considered, and planning and strategic management are the best ways to reach differentiated levels in the market.

Therefore, we can list the importance of strategic management with the following points:

  • Fits the company to the market;
  • Defines core processes and what strategies are needed in practice;
  • Conveys clear concepts to the brand’s team and audience;
  • Helps in monitoring goals;
  • Creates performance indicator criteria.

As the market and available technologies are changing very quickly, plastered models are extremely inefficient. Therefore, strategic management is necessary to prevent the company from getting stuck in outdated models. To avoid impulsive decisions, using project management software helps to centralize information and optimize processes.

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How does project management software help with decision making?

It is important that project managers understand that decision making impacts the entire company, whether it is a small, medium or large organization. Therefore, to leverage growth and maintain competitiveness, it is necessary to make the right decisions and a software aimed at this can be the solution.

Regardless of the niche of activity, a manager routinely needs to think about inputs needed for production, delivery targets and deadlines, maintenance costs, team management and the sales process. So, if he doesn’t use data and metrics to assess this, the risk of making mistakes is very high.

Since the importance of decision making is paramount to the success of any business, choices should not be based on intuition or sixth sense, they need to use data and statistics that software is capable of providing.

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Ease of planning

Every project starts with planning and this step can be complicated if the manager does not know where to start. Thus, when working with software, it is easier and more efficient to plan projects and activities.

These systems make it possible, for example, to use previous projects to consult them and check average spending values, delivery times and other important information. This availability of data helps to identify needs, validates some data and shows the best methods to be used in each situation, impacting decision-making.

Increased productivity

The availability of information in a software facilitates the analysis of competition, market trends and other important aspects such as human and financial resources of the project. Consequently, this data contributes to increased productivity and reduced time wasted by analyzing this information in separate systems.

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Improved flexibility

Managers are used to making changes during projects, but they need to have a good database to support the decision making process. Thus, a project management software helps to make actions more flexible without losing credibility due to the lack of informational inputs that support the choices.

Process optimization

By centralizing all data in a single location, both the project manager and the team are able to follow all the steps, optimizing the time of activities and, consequently, also the results. When objectives and goals are clearly laid out in graphics and visual metrics, everyone involved clearly understands what is expected at each stage, improving management and decisions.

Decrease in errors

The use of a software does not guarantee the total elimination of errors, but it contributes to the reduction of failures. By highlighting the most important activities, employees focus on what matters most and allocate resources more accurately. Furthermore, even if the error does occur, with all the steps detailed in a system, it is easier to identify the failure and mitigate it as soon as it is recognized.

Noise Elimination

With the centralization of processes, information is more organized and communication occurs more transparently. Many errors happen because of miscommunications, imprecise schedules or wrong information. Thus, the software helps to eliminate noise and facilitates the management of tasks by the entire team, as everyone involved will know what is expected and at what time it should deliver the activities.

Accuracy in results

Accuracy in results is as fundamental as planning and monitoring actions. Therefore, decision making tools such as project management software, helps to understand the results, impacting decision-making after data analysis. With this information, it is possible to see the performance of the team, exemplify the results for the clients, measure the process life cycle and propose changes for the next project.


Project Builder software is a complete system that assists in project management. With this integrated solution, you can consolidate information from other systems and spreadsheets and centralize all data in one place. The tool proves to be efficient, as it allows managers to control activities and facilitates the insertion of new data by team members.

Therefore, we can see that decision support tools are important in each phase of a project. In addition, as processes become more complex, the need to use project management software increases.


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