Reasons you and your company should move to 3D

If you are still modeling in 2D, you might be lagging behind. Despite this, it is true that most of today’s design-related websites and mag1azines are still dominated by 2D technology and images. Everything from drawings to renders, bi-dimensional images are still pertinent in the creative design stage.
This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as they still offer one of the safest, fastest, and most effective solutions to achieving a visually stunning project. That being said, there is also no denying in the fact that the markets have made a major shift towards 3D recently. While 3D might not yet be as widely utilized as 2D rendering techniques and software, it does offer small and large design firms immense benefits.

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Learn Shapes In The Real World

If you are used to sketching things in 2D, you already know that it can be more than difficult to envision what final shape the object is going to take. This is especially true when you are dealing with overly complex shapes. What this means is that when all said and done, there could be unexpected or unwanted results in your project.

You could end up dealing with everything from intersections to interference in volume. On the other hand, these are things that can easily be spotted and corrected during the very early design stages with 3D software. 3D software programs simply give you much greater and detailed control over the design, as you’ll be able to inspect the curvature of every surface in real-time.

Take Your Design Vocabulary to the Next Level

The real truth of the matter is that 2D only offers certain shapes and designs Since design features and shapes are extremely difficult to conceive. And, the ones that you can actually bring to life will be even harder to tweak, should changes need to be made.

This is where 360 viewer software programs give designers the ability to increase their aesthetic vocabulary. It will do exactly this by allowing you to work with more complex designs and shapes. You’ll learn more, be able to do more, and adapt better in specific situations.

More Realistic And Better Detailed Concepts

It doesn’t matter if you are in the manufacturing field or the architectural industry, you’ll find that physical models are still relevant. In fact, they might be more relevant in these two fields than most. Despite this, the industry is still trying to limit their use because they take so much longer and require more resources to bring to life.

While 3D software can help bring these images to life much faster with the use of fewer resources, they also provide a more lifelike experience on-screen so you don’t have to bring them to life. With 3D software programs, you’ll get more realistic and better-detailed designs that eliminate the need for physical models.


Changing with the times is more important than ever It not only allows you to provide your customers with the best and most efficient designs, products, or resources, but it shows them that you are willing to follow along. Being willing to adapt in today’s technological world can mean a lot.

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