How to Install Kubernetes on Ubuntu 22.04

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Setting up Kubernetes on Ubuntu streamlines your infrastructure, turning it into a robust container orchestration system. With Kubernetes (K8s), you can automate the deployment, scaling, and operation of application containers, (more…)

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7 Signs of a Good Bug Report

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By Chatty Garrate – Every software or website developer is no stranger to bug reports. They need it to ensure the mechanisms they create will function exactly how it’s supposed to be. Without a complete and adequately written bug report, (more…)

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Mobile Security: Trends & Threats

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By Emily Andrews – Mobile use has become so vital that most people have their devices within arms reach 24/7. As a result, online threats have evolved to target mobile users. Scammers develop thorough campaigns that often go undetected by casual (more…)

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How to run Python on Android

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Python has made a name for itself as a versatile language, known for being beginner-friendly while also packing a powerful punch in the hands of experts. But why limit Python’s potential to specific scenarios? (more…)

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Healthcare Solutions Software Development

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The growing amount of healthcare data makes it hard and strenuous to manage them without some amount of redundancy and error. Now more than ever before, transparency is needed in the healthcare sector, clear communication between doctor (more…)

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