How to remove duplicates from Arrays in Javascript

In this short tutorial, we will outline 4 methods that help remove duplicate elements from an array in Javascript.

Using Array.filter

One of the most direct ways to remove elements from an array is to use:


Array.filter returns a new array with the elements that meet the condition implemented by the function used as an argument.

The method filter iterates over the elements of the array and applies the argument function to each item, returning a boolean value. If the element passes the condition, it returns true indicating that it will be added to the new array.

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To remove duplicate elements, we use the function Array.indexOf which returns the first index of the array where a given element is found.

let data = [11,3,4,7,3,11,45,7];

let result = data.filter((item,index)=>{ // filter javascript array

return data.indexOf(item) === index;})

console.log(result); //[11,3,4,7,45]

In this case, we can identify a duplicate when the index is not equal to the result of indexOf.

data.indexOf(item) === index, will always return the first occurrence of the item.

Or otherwise, if you do not want to use filter, you can proceed as follows:

var data = [11,3,4,7,3,11,45,7];

for(var i = data.length -1; i >=0; i–){

if(data.indexOf(data[i]) !== i) data.splice(i,1);} ;//[11,3,4,7,45]

This method should not be used when dealing with large arrays.

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Using Set

Using Set, all duplicate values will therefore be trimmed out naturally.

let data = [11,3,4,7,3,11,45,7];

let result = […new Set(data)];

console.log(result); //[11,3,4,7,45]

This method can be used when dealing with large arrays which contain few duplicates.

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Using Reduce

The method Array.reduce can also be used for the same purpose. It executes a function on each element of the array and returns a value as a single result.

let data = [11,3,4,7,3,11,45,7];

const result = data.reduce((acc,item)=>{



return acc;},[])

console.log(result); //[11,3,4,7,45] remove duplicates from array

In this case, the function used simply checks if the current item is within the result identified by the variable acc, if not, it simply adds the value to the accumulator.

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Using ForEach 

Here we are iterating over the array to remove the duplicates. A conditional block is used to check the existence of the item and Array.includes determines whether or not an element exists within the array.

let data = [11,3,4,7,3,11,45,7];

var uniqueArr = [];

data.forEach((item)=>{ //pushes only unique element



console.log(uniqueArr); //[11,3,4,7,45] unique javascript Array

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