How to fix error : Conda command not found

If you have already installed Miniconda and cannot run the commands in the terminal while using zsh, you may find the following helpful.

In case you have already added the appropriate path environment variable to bashrc and bash_profile files, you would need to add the Miniconda folder directory to the PATH environment variable of zsh shell.

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This can be done by copying the following command in the .zshrc file which is located in your /User/<your_username>/ directory:

export PATH=”/home/your_username/miniconda/bin:$PATH”

The line which contains the string /home/your_username/miniconda would need to be replaced with your actual path. Once done, save and quit the terminal.

Answer due to Gabriel Florit.

How to fix Conda command is not recognized on Windows 10

Another similar error might occur when you have Anaconda 4 installed. This is raised when you run the command :

conda list

in your Window command prompt, you will end up receiving an error: 

‘conda’ command is not recognized…

What you can do is to first jot down the location in which Anaconda3 was installed and set the path to this folder.

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If for instance you installed anaconda3 under C:\Anaconda3, you will then need to add both paths C:\Anaconda3 and  C:\Anaconda3\Scripts\ to your path environment variable, like so :

set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Anaconda3;C:\Anaconda3\Scripts\.

Answer due to  Markus Joppich

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