Anaconda navigator not opening on Windows 10

You have already installed Anaconda on Window 10 and you can see it in your programs and features list. Now you would like to launch it. You start looking up if there is any Anaconda Navigator desktop icon but to no avail.

Press CTRL+ALT+T to open up a terminal window and run the command:


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Anaconda navigator won’t launch

Sometimes you will face the issue in which the Anaconda navigator will not be able to start.

In order to solve this, make sure to move into the scripts directory C:\Anaconda\Scripts.

Now type in the commands below :

activate root

conda update -n root conda

conda update –all

finally, to launch it, run the following command :


You may want to refer to the official documentation here.

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  1. moon

    Worked! Just wanted to point a small typo in: `conda update –all`
    Should be conda update –all

    1. moon

      * ‘conda update all
      oh. i guess it’s a bug in wordpress where two hyphens turn up as an endash. Sorry Nikolaus

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