How to set different wallpapers for each monitor in Ubuntu using HydraPaper

HydraPaper is a new open-source, free utility which allows users in Ubuntu to set two different backgrounds to the GNOME Desktop on monitors connected to your Ubuntu machine.


HydraPaper gives you the freedom to choose any of your wallpaper folders which means that you are not limited to the default backgrounds that are already installed.

In order to acquire HydraPaper, you can install it via Flatpak using the following command :

sudo apt install flatpak

And then Add the Flathub repository by running :

sudo flatpak remote-add –if-not-exists flathub

Next you will need to issue the command :

flatpak install flathub org.gabmus.hydrapaper

In order to run the application, issue  the command below :

flatpak run org.gabmus.hydrapaper

The application will be able to launch.

ziad nahdy

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