Features Of JavaScript

What can JavaScript applications accomplish, do you know? The answer is that we will learn about JavaScript’s features in great detail today. JavaScript indeed has several unique characteristics that contribute to its widespread use. (more…)

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How To Write Comments In Python

The way you think is reflected in programming in order to convey the individual steps that you took to solve an issue utilizing a computer. Commenting your code helps clarify your thinking process, which in turn makes it easier for you and other people (more…)

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How To Create A Dictionary In Python

In Python, a dictionary is an apparently random set of data values that may be used to store data values in the manner of a map. Unlike other data types, which can only store a single value as an element, dictionaries retain Key:value pairs instead of (more…)

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How To Check Python Version

When users download Python, an interpreter is downloaded along with it. This indicates that you are “teaching” your machine, in a sense, how to comprehend Python code. Given all of this, it should be no surprise that Python isn’t a piece of software (more…)

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