How to enable hot corners in Ubuntu 18.04

To perform productive actions, many of you want Ubuntu to Window Spread when you move the mouse pointer to lower left corner of the screen, even minimize all windows to show desktop.

For that You need to install GNOME tweaks to be brought over to the Control Center, and allows you to change a lot of gnome default behaviors, most notably enabling themes and changing icons and mouse cursor.

So, go ahead and open your terminal to enter this command :

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

Use this Gnome Shell extension called CustomCorner. So in your terminal write this command :

gsettings set enable-hot-corners true

You will get an extension that you should install it into your computer :

In your Activities open tweaks :

Check Extensions and then click the settings icon in the Custom hot Corners section

Now you’re able to customize your click pointer behavior from your hot corner .

ziad nahdy

Ziad Nahdy, fan of open source, worked at SAP for 17 years. He is a technical writer, blogger and Linux enthusiast. He loves to read and help others with their problems. He is addicted to open source software but he also loves other technology related stuff.

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