How to open System Settings from the terminal in Ubuntu 18.04?

Is there a command to open the Ubuntu system settings window in Ubuntu 18.04 from the terminal ? To answer this, let’s first outline some ways to access the system settings :

System settings can be invoked by searching for it  :

from dash
or from the power cog (little tools icon) :

call system settings from power cog

System settings ubuntu 

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Now from the terminal , the system settings can be launched by running the command below :


run System Settings from a terminal?

Ubuntu settings command line



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amin nahdy

Amin Nahdy, an aspiring software engineer and a computer geek by nature as well as an avid Ubuntu and open source user. He is interested in information technology especially Linux based ecosystem as well as Windows and MacOS. He loves to share and disseminate knowledge to others in a transparent and responsible way.

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  1. seb

    Thanks – this was clear, concise, and helpful!

    1. admin

      Thank you for your visit.

  2. Bill

    Just installed 18.04 and no way to get settings to come up. The terminal option above did the trick: > gnome-control-center
    brought up
    > sudo apt install gnome-control-center,
    which ran through 100s of lines of installation, and at the end, I had settings!
    >> Bill

  3. achari gnapika

    i have updated my laptop . but now system settings is not visible in search, setting, and in terminal also what can i do now ?

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