5 Life Hacks to Help Your Business Go Digital

By Jean Hartley – Companies of any size often do not have enough time and internal resources for development. This affects the competitiveness and profitability of the business. Automation tools come to the aid of companies wishing to increase theefficiency of their work.

While specialized programs and services perform monotonous, repetitive tasks, employees can engage in strategic business development. Automation increases staff productivity and with it, the speed of service. All this increases customer loyalty and accelerates growth of sales per unit of time – after all, with today’s technology everyone expects a high speed of processing requests.

If you don’t know how to improve the efficiency of your business processes, take advantage of the experience of those who have already gone this way. The recommendations are completely universal and will help businesses from all niches and industries.

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1. Digitize documents and workflow

The ambiguous year of 2020 and the mass shift to telecommuting was another impetus to accelerate the pace of business migration to digital. Implementing electronic document management systems (EDMS) is not a matter of saving paper or finding ways to downsize, but a way to survive the pervasive business digital transformation. Companies are constantly interacting with counter parties and suppliers remotely, and therefore keeping tangible media and contracts with a blue seal slows down all business processes.

Not only document management can be automated, but also the process of preparing documents: standard contracts, instructions and so on. Using special online systems and software complexes you can customize and edit templates, provide joint work on them, which increases the speed of solving internal tasks.

2. Use Kanban boards templates and task trackers

In any business where there is a constant flow of tasks, the issue of effective project management plays an important role. This is true for IT teams, marketing agencies, logistics centers, and construction companies.

Kanban methodology will help to minimize multitasking. The solution itself cannot be called new, but it came to the digital environment relatively recently. The purpose of the methodology boils down to increasing the speed and quality of work, as well as optimizing the use of internal reserves.

Cloud Kanban boards offer the following features:

  • Collaborative workflow planning;
  • Remote progress monitoring;
  • Breakdown of tasks into subtasks with appointment of responsible;
  • Collection of statistics to analyze the performance of individual employees and the entire team.

Such a task-tracker can be paid or with free access. When selecting a suitable task tracker pay attention to its functionality, as well as to its user-friendly interface and the degree of statistical data visualization. It is also important to consider the number of users, the technical requirements for the platforms, operating systems and devices involved.

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3. Connect the integration of online services

The problem with most businesses that procrastinate with digitalization is that they use multiple services that are not connected to each other to solve business tasks. This reduces productivity and makes analyzing disparate data more time-consuming. Programs for the integration of online services into a unified network and for the aggregation of information from different applications can help to correct the situation.

4. Digitalize accounting

Digitizing a company’s financial matters is a justified necessity. By purchasing special software, the manager will be able to always be aware of the affairs, and will also be able to optimize the staff, improve their qualitative characteristics.

5. Automate customer contacts

Building effective communication will help CRM-systems. With their help, it’s easy to manage marketing communications, mailings, and loyalty systems. CRM systems collect all data on clients and keep detailed information about the history of interaction with each of them.

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Automation must take place in conjunction with the training of accountants to use the new services, and when choosing a program, it is important to consider the specifics of the business, its scale and the current system of taxation.

For the user experience to be as positive as possible, it’s important to ensure a quick response to incoming requests. Chatbots can help with this. The programs work using artificial intelligence, which allows them to learn as they interact with customers.

Automation of contacts will expand audience coverage, increase loyalty of existing customers and solve a number of other marketing tasks. This purpose is served by e-mail mailing services, auto-posting systems in social networks. They will take care of routine tasks and save time on developing high-quality creatives.


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  1. Fluix

    Great and most importantly working tips on digitalization. And it is also good to create an electronic signature that will make the process of signing documents instant

  2. Fluix

    Great and most importantly working tips on digitalization. And it is also good to create an electronic signature that will make the process of signing documents instant

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