Essential Gamification Features to Look at When Choosing the LMS

 Gamification of the platform is one of the key facets to consider while choosing an LMS. Gamification helps the learners to engage and involve in the learning process thereby creating more engagement. A gamified platform with an intuitive userinterface helps motivate learners and at the same time improves the ROI for the organization. Over the years gamification proved that it’s an effective corporate training strategy.

There are plenty of gamification features available on various learning management systems. For instance, Litmos LMS offers a variety of gamification features like badge customization, leaderboards, and points, etc. So, having a clear idea of the requirement and goal helps you to choose the LMS that your organization needs. To make that process easy for you, we have put together the top gamification features you must look for.

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The learning management systems you are choosing must have badges that are visually appealing and also align with your brand image. The customized badges allow you to add your own branding. Along with this, badges with a trophy icon are the best option for top performers and a badge with a hardhat icon is ideal for safety courses.

Gamification mechanics:

Built-in game mechanics is the crux of any gamified platform. Features such as badges, points, and rewards motivate your learners to push further. But, not every LMS platform is equipped with these built-in gamification elements. So, go for a learning management system that allows you to choose from a varied range of game mechanics. Also, the other point to be noted is that not every learner has the same source of motivation. For instance, one learner might choose badges that allow him/her to unlock their skills and another person might choose leaderboards for them to perform better.

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Leaderboards can help to develop a healthy learning competition among the learners. But it’s one feature that not everybody is interested in. Some like to compete with other learners to prove their competency but few others don’t want to be involved in any type of competition at all and want to do solo learning. But leaderboards have proven that it improves the friendly competition between the learners.

For the learners who don’t want to use leaderboards, ensure the LMS allows the users to compete anonymously so that no one feels insecure about their performance. In this way, you can make the best use of leaderboards.


A point-based gamification strategy is not just about awarding points on completion of training modules, it’s much more than that. You should have an LMS that allows the learners to get points for literally every activity and accomplishment rather than just for completing a module. So, choose an LMS that allows you to do this. Otherwise, you are indirectly supporting behaviors that misalign with the organization’s goals and objectives.

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Social learning:

Pick an LMS that supports social learning. While some learners want to learn alone and gain as many points as possible, there are many other learners who want to compete with their peers and showcase their talent by earning points and rewards. Most of the learners enjoy being at the top of the leaderboard, so social learning creates a healthy and competitive space for learning.


To wind up, gamification is one of the best ways to make the training more interesting and engaging. It makes life easy for both the employees and the organization with gamification features like leaderboards, points, and rewards that motivate and engage the learners. With gamification, tutors will never find it hard to motivate and engage learners as there are enough features to do that. We hope this blog helps you choose the LMS that has the features of gamification that helps your employees to motivate and engage and at the same time aligns with the goals and objectives of the organization.


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