How to make Employees Training Program mobile

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With the quick changes in the work environments with respect to technology, products and services, there is a noticeable trendin the employee training process. Employee training brings appropriate management to the workplace and leverages the knowledge base for employees. It enforces retaining of the employees.

Mobile learning is the new digital age that has transformed workplaces on how to communicate or conduct business. In the smartphone era, all you need is good internet connectivity and you can have all the information at your fingertips.

With the help of learning management systems, you can create personalized training materials for employees based on their roles. Employees can take the course from any location at their convenience. Moreover, the fact that mobile learning is accessible at any time, it helps learners stay on track with their training.

Cornerstone learning management system is one such learning program that helps your employee to keep up with their skills and stay competitive. Some of the amazing features of this lms is its robust design, attendance tracking, progress tracking, self-enrolment, scheduling live events, leader boards, badges, offline and online content and many more. 

Reasons why you should switch to mobile learning from classroom-based training:

1. Maintains work-life Balance

With online learning, employees can take the course from any smart device, from anywhere and anytime. They can take care of their responsibilities towards their families and take the course at their own pace and comfort. Whereas, in physical training, one has to be available at the scheduled time and place. The convenience and flexibility of taking online courses help them maintain a work-life balance.

2. Employee retention

Hiring and training a new employee costs a bomb and is also a time-consuming effort. Whereas re-training the existing ones is a much cheaper option, since they are already familiar with the organization’s process and the job requirements. It helps in retaining the existing employees by improving their skill sets. It helps in growing the employee and the organization in return making it a win-win situation for both.

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3. Stay up to date

With the rapid growth in technology and competitive market, new tools and products are launched faster than before. With mobile learning, employees can be trained with the recent technology and get their hands on the new tools. They can use this knowledge and solutions in their job and day-to-day activities.

4. Employee engagement

Employees find a new purpose and energy in their work with new skill sets. This helps in creating a positive and confident workplace. It keeps employees engaged and focused on their tasks more efficiently. They are more excited and optimistic to use their newly learned skills while presenting solutions to the customers.

6. Tracking & mentoring

Online courses provide a robust design to track and monitor employees’ progress and performance all in one place. It helps them focus on their weak areas and makes them confident about their strengths. Proper attention and mentorship can be provided to them if they need any further developments. Competitions, and quizzes can be conducted to test their knowledge of the courses taken making the learning more fun. Rewards and certifications for the best performers also drive their motivation.


Mobile learning helps your workplace to be more flexible and improves employee engagement. Not only that, it increases their productivity which in turn helps in the company’s growth. It is return on investment for your business and provides a perfect solution to all the learning needs. Have you implemented e-learning to your workplace yet?

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