Key Reasons Why Mobile App Pen Testing Is Crucial for Enterprises

Mobile App Penetration Testing is a requirement of the 21st century. Both business and government organizations use mobile applications to achieve various goals. As a result of performing vulnerability assessments on mobile applications, whether Android app security or iOS app security, organizations can achieve many benefits. To prevent and reduce security breaches, businesses must identify security flaws in every aspect of their operating environment. Professional is required to check the perimeter (firewalls, routers, balancers, etc.) via network services and network segmentation to web services, mobile and static applications, and their components. Managing security risks on these platforms is becoming increasingly complex, with new vulnerabilities being discovered daily. Mobile application security testing entails checking the resistance of an app to attacks from malicious users. It assists organizations in identifying and assessing vulnerabilities and flaws that may lead to a variety of security issues.

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Here is a list of reasons by businesses must conduct mobile app pen testing:

Avoid Future Attacks

A penetration test is a simulated cyber attack designed to find and fix flaws in code before hackers exploit them. Testers employ sophisticated tools and advanced knowledge of IT infrastructure support services to predict the behavior of an attacker who could infiltrate the client’s IT infrastructure to obtain information and access higher permissions without proper authorization.

Test the Responsiveness of the In-house IT Team

Enabling mobile app security testing as part of the development cycle helps test the enterprise security team’s responsiveness. Enterprise can examine the response time and quality along with reaction accuracy. If the security team does not respond, something is wrong with the process and needs to be fixed. Alternatively, if the support is outsourced, you can evaluate the service’s quality.

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Uncover Vulnerabilities

Being a vulnerability inspection, penetration testing reveals underlying and hidden vulnerabilities in the application. Testers from mobile app security testing companies scan network devices and operating systems for known and unknown vulnerabilities. Furthermore, it makes recommendations for improving security. It also generates a detailed report with a comprehensive list of critical weaknesses.

Lessened Security Concerns When Launching the Mobile App 

Mobile apps must go through mandatory technical and user acceptance testing before being deployed in an IT environment. These acceptance tests ensure that a mobile application meets the needs of end-users and that IT teams can support it. It also provides that other technical and business requirements are perfectly aligned. Penetration testing assists enterprises in maintaining the production environment while also ensuring that no risks arise in the future. Experienced software engineers and security experts advise businesses to take a security-first approach from concept to design, build, go live, and routine checks.

Reconfigure the Architecture of Network And Mobile Application Components

One can change the application’s architecture, design, and code before rolling out the mobile app if one is aware of flaws in the source code, attack vectors, bottlenecks, and security holes. Fixing problems now is less expensive than dealing with them later when discovering that the application’s architecture is flawed or a breach occurs.

Comply with Regulations While Exceeding Industry Security Standards

For highly-secured ICT environments, security testing is essential. It is required to follow the guidelines associated with ISO 27001 certification, HIPAA, FIPS 140-2, OWASP methodology, and various cyber security laws.

Security testing has always been an essential part of the software application development cycle. So, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be part of the mobile app development cycle.

Mobile application security testing is now necessary, given the rate at which mobile cyber breaches are occurring.

Test the Skills and Experience of the Mobile App Development Team

Security and app development are not the same, and you should not expect mobile app developers to be your security experts. Front-end coding and user experience are the primary skill sets of developers (UX). They are trained to ensure that the application contains the necessary features and business functions. Developers are more focused on the User Interface (UI) to make their application user-friendly and visually appealing rather than making it secure.

However, they must ensure that the mobile app’s end-to-end delivery includes security measures. If vendors do not have the necessary security skillset in-house, they should collaborate with organizations that offer mobile app security as one of their core competencies.

Application security measures are necessary for all mobile app development companies to have and implement in their apps. Unfortunately, few people do this because application security is expensive.

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Why Is It Necessary to Perform a Security Scan on Mobile Apps?

The reasons are listed below:

  • ● Inadequate server-side controls
  • ● Unsafe data storage
  • ● Inadequate transport layer security
  • ● Inadvertent data leakage
  • ● Inadequate authorization and authentication
  • ● Injection on the client’s side
  • ● Flawed cryptography
  • ● Inadequate session management
  • ● Inadequate binary protection


The majority of businesses are affected by illicit hacking, which could cost them a huge fortune. This kind of vulnerability is a nightmare for higher-level officials. The fact remains that 85 percent of organizations consider themselves at moderate risk from cyber threats, and 74% believe the risk has increased in the previous year. The most effective way to reduce these figures is to focus on closing vulnerabilities in their mobile applications via penetration tests. Following the system for sourcing, using a certified pen analyzer, and carrying out the due diligence test can allow an organization to reap the benefits of having a network architecture that better serves its primary concern. Furthermore, penetration testing is a must for any mobile application that uses digital hikes and technology.

Before someone comes to illicitly access the website or system, make a wise decision. The organization should thoroughly check whether their app is wholly locked or not using penetration testing.


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