20 Types of Video Content to Consider in 2022

It’s 2022 and if you are into marketing, you know how videos have become an integral part of any marketing strategy. There is no doubt that Video is the future of content marketing and companies need to experiment as much as they can to publish the best video content for their potential customers.

Businesses are increasingly using videos to attract, convert, and retain new customers with great success. Visual marketing has always been effective for running Not only offline marketing campaigns, but also for online presence across different acquisition channels. Regardless of what industry your products or services are in, product videos showcasing the unique features and practicality of your services can help potential buyers understand why they need to use your services. Consider outsourcing Ecommerce video production services in case your marketing budget allows, as the quality of the content does affect the potential purchase decisions.

Talking about experimenting with the content, there are various video types in trend for business marketing. Here are 20 of the most trending video types that you can take leverage of.

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Video Tutorials

How-to videos are very effective to educate the audience and promote a product or service. You can find the problems that your audience might have related to the product or service you offer. And create how-to videos to get the attention of the buyers.

Look at this video by Absolute to understand how tutorials work.

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2. Vlogging

Small businesses who just started their video marketing journey can utilize mini vlogs on social media with a long version on YouTube. Vlogs are popular among the Youth and it continues to grow with the recent mini vlog edition. With live vlogs, event recording, and social media clips, brands can make the most out of vlogging.

Client Testimonials

Not only do video testimonials build credibility but the potential customers get to know the hidden features of a business. A client opening up about their journey with your business can help the visitors turn into customers. You can always use testimonials on your business website, social media channels and marketing emails.

Testimonial Video Example

Instagram Reels


Image source: https://embedsocial.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/instagram-reels-tutorial.jpg

With billions of views every day, Instagram Reels have become a great tool for video marketing. They are versatile, fun and fast to know about the product or service, providing value to the modern user in a minute or less. Top-performing reels are automatically promoted by Instagram and Facebook community.

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5. Personalized Videos

More than 80% of the buyers prefer to shop from companies that offer a personalized experience. This means videos that brands create with the help of AI techniques. You might have recently watched the video created by Cadbury where users can add their shop names to create an advertisement. Another great example of personalized video is when companies use influencers to mention your name for special rewards and similar occasions.

Here is the best example to understand what personalized videos mean.

Cadbury Video

6. Explainer Videos

With so many options from animated explainers to whiteboard explainers, brands never get tired of using explainers for brand marketing. A homepage explainer helps increase ranking as well as conversion. Similarly, an explainer on social media spreads brand awareness and brings more qualified leads to your business. If done professionally, explainer videos can be the best digital asset for your marketing.

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7. Product Reviews

Also known as influencer marketing, product reviews help buyers to make a purchase decision. All you need is to either find the relevant influencer who could say great things about your product or use the existing product reviews and showcase them in a video. Product reviews can be created in different ways and can also be used for paid marketing.

8. Live Streaming

Another trending form of interactive videos that take less of your time and effort. All you need is to find the right setting and have an interactive live session with your audience. This enables you to understand what customers like or dislike about your offerings. Plus, customers get to ask questions before they make a purchase. Live streaming is a great way to build engagement and trust online.

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9. Unboxing Videos


Image source: https://cdn.logojoy.com/wp-content/uploads/20201001112227/AdobeStock_268747379-min-1024×704.jpeg

The unboxing video is very popular on YouTube, and it gets a lot of watch time. This means you can bring buyers to your website by asking an influencer to create unboxing videos.

10. Company Culture Videos

Company culture videos are simple to get the buzz around your brand online. If you have a cool working space and an enthusiastic team, company culture videos can do wonders for your lead generation. When clients see your values and working atmosphere, they find you reliable enough to start a professional relationship.

Company culture videos also help to attract highly skilled employees looking for a great working place.

11. Product Demos

One of the most popular trends in video marketing is product demonstration and 360-degree product videos. It helps the potential customer to learn about the highlights of a product or service within a few seconds. Also, a product demonstration is great to be listed with the product so that the chances of converting visitors increase.

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12. User Generated Videos

User-generated videos are created by the audience itself. It works like collaboration with either the influencer or your existing fanbase. This enhanced the creativity of your video marketing with unique videos created by the users. For instance, when you launch a contest, you can ask your viewers to create videos featuring your brand.

These videos can promote your brand within the community and turn your existing customers into your brand representatives.

13. Behind the Scene

To showcase a product development process and what goes behind a brand, Behind-the-Scene videos are great for creating a buzz about the product.

14. Q&As

Like FAQs on the website, Q&A videos are created to answer the most common questions by the customer. It also features animated characters to provide a detailed solution to complex problems.

15. Product Launch

Brands who want to generate leads online can utilize social media videos for product launch events. Pre-Captured events or live product launch videos help customers to stay updated.

16. Social Media Videos

Social media videos have become an essential part of any video marketing strategy. Companies are now investing a huge amount of money and time in creating sharable and engaging social media videos that increase traffic to the business website.

TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are some of the most popular social media platforms to create short mobile-friendly videos featuring products or services.

17. Animated Videos

Similar to explainer videos, animated videos are the most suited for video marketing. Biggest brands around the world have created cartoon characters to include in the video. 3D and 2D animated brand videos are the first choice of markets for a better reach.

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18. Presentation

If you have seen the TED talk videos, you know how presentation videos work. It could be a comparison between two products, a presentation of a product by the creators, or an in-depth knowledge session to keep the customers informed and updated. The studio setting, equipment and lighting make a huge impact while creating such videos.

19. Interviews

These types of videos involve highly-renowned people from the industry sharing their insights and experience with the brand you are promoting. A one-on-one session with the brand developers, entrepreneurs and markets with a bit of fun conversation to keep the excitement alive. However, these videos are only suitable for YouTube and LinkedIn-like platforms.

20. Video Ads

Last but not least, video ads are the most effective video marketing trend which accomplishes all the goals of a brand. These videos are mainly created for YouTube Instagram ads, Google, Paid marketing and more. With creative Call-to-action and to-the-point content, video ads bring qualified leads to a business with a budget spent on the ads.

Final Words

Now that you know what is trending, find a professional video production company that knows how to create engaging content for ROI positive results.


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