Most watched Netflix 2020 series

Netflix’s most watched series in 2020 are “The Umbrella Academy”, “Shameless” and “Grey’s Anatomy”. The streaming audience ranking was released several weeks ago by the auditing firm Nielsen and takes into account the most watched productions in the United States in the week between August 3 and 9 of this year. The report considers only the Netflix and Amazon Prime platforms , but only Netflix series make up the top 10.

The ranking system used by Nielsen takes into account the number of minutes watched to categorize the series. Following this criterion, the first place, “The Umbrella Academy”, totaled 3.011 billion minutes watched between August 3 and 9, while the second place, “Shameless”, accumulated only 1.13 billion.

“Grey’s Anatomy”, one of the most popular Netflix series, is in the third place, with 918 million minutes watched in that period. Although the survey is only about series consumption in the United States, the numbers show the popularity of some productions in general.

The Umbrella Academy. Credits: Netflix

A curious aspect is that, as the list considers the number of minutes watched, it would be natural for older series, with more seasons, to appear at the top of the ranking, as is the case of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Supernatural”, which count with 361 and 321 episodes, respectively. However, the second season of “The Umbrella Academy” debuted the week before the measurement. This may justify the public’s great interest in the ranking champion series, even if the production has only 20 episodes.


Shameless. Image credit: cinemablend

In addition, “The Umbrella Academy” is the only series on the list produced by Netflix itself. The story follows a family with extraordinary powers.

Although Nielsen also reviewed Amazon Prime Video series, none of them made it into the top 10. Below is a list of the most popular series in 2020:

  1. The Umbrella Academy (20 episodes) – 3.011 billion minutes
  2. Shameless (120) – 1.125 billion
  3. Grey’s Anatomy (361) – 918 million
  4. The Office (192) – 897 million
  5. Criminal Minds (277) – 697 million
  6. NCIS (353) – 524 million
  7. In The Dark (26) – 418 million
  8. Dexter (96) – 316 million
  9. Supernatural (321) – 315 million
  10. Parks and Recreation (121) – 304 million

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