What Is Tempered Glass And What Is It Used For

Compared with regular annealed glass, tempered glass is considered to be the safer choice. This is because it has been treated during the production process. In turn, tempered glass is stronger and more durable.

Because of this, the material is being used for more and more purposes. These are some reasons why tempered glass is in such high demand, and what the reinforced material is used for.

What Is Tempered Glass?

Regular annealed glass seen in a range of items such as tableware and windows. While this is a great alternative to plastic and other materials, the main drawback is that glass is much more prone to breaking.

When this does happen, it can shatter into very small pieces with jagged edges. This makes injury much more likely during the cleaning up process. Tempered glass is considered to be a safer alternative, due to the way it has been made.

The tempering process involves heating glass to a much higher temperature than what would be used with regular glass. It is then cooled down to create a stronger and more durable glass that has a range of uses. Tempered glass is known for being a safer alternative to regular glass, because it will shatter into larger pieces when broken.

One of the biggest setbacks to tempered glass is that it cannot be cleaned in the exact same way as regular glass would. Because of this, it is recommended to look into how to clean tempered glass.

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Tempered Glass Uses

Display Cases

Because of the higher strength that tempered glass has without compromising the clear appearance of regular glass, it is the ideal material for display cases and trophy cabinets.

It is widely considered to be a safety feature nowadays, and many manufacturers will make display cases using tempered glass as a default. This is ideal because it can still hold heavy trophies and awards safely without shattering into thousands of pieces.


Another common use of tempered glass which is now seen as an effective safety measure is railings. Many homes and forms of accommodation have added the clear material as a cover for large windows, or as edging surrounding pools and balconies.

As tempered glass is considerably stronger than regular glass, railings are an effective use for the durable material. Not to mention the seamless look that can be achieved. Consider adding this safety glass for a modern style change.

Solar Panels

It’s critical that sustainable energy options are also as safe as possible. Tempered glass has been used by many solar panel manufacturers, because it is much stronger, and just as clear as traditional glass.

This allows the solar panels to work how they should, with additional protection from the tempered glass coating.

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Office Partition

Modern offices have also been using tempered glass panels as an alternative to temporary panels and walls. This is a useful way of maximizing natural light and encouraging employees to interact with each other a little more.

Create temporary rooms using tempered glass panels for confidential meetings when needed. Because it is clear, these panels can be covered with shades if they are more permanent features of an office. This creates the option of privacy when it is needed.

Additionally, tempered glass can be colored or tinted to give more privacy. However, this isn’t always the most cost-effective method of doing so when larger quantities of tempered glass are being purchased for office partitions.

Screen Cover

Finally, tempered glass can be widely seen in the form of smartphone screen covers. These are ideal methods of protecting screens from breaking with regular wear and tear, and it isn’t hard to see what makes them so popular.

You can even find a selection of colored and tinted tempered glass screen protectors nowadays. These are great because they discourage others from taking a peek at your screen uninvited.


Tempered glass has fast become the norm in everyday life, because it is a safer alternative to regular glass. It is much stronger, thanks to the exposure to higher heat than normal. This material is also far less likely to shatter into hundreds of tiny pieces, making it the glass of choice for a range of products.


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