Why Businesses Are Choosing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

In the current business scenario, performing oracle cloud migration from On-Prem resources to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is becoming very important to gain exponential organizational growth. In addition, more and more businesses are actively investing and moving their resources to the cloud. According to the latest study by Gartner, a Global Research and Advisory Company, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is one of the fastest-growing market segments, which grew 27.55% in 2019.

Oracle OCI is the modern cloud platform based on the latest cloud technologies and standards that deliver consistent performance to modern businesses with advanced features provided by Oracle. Nowadays, Oracle is turning into a dominating force in the market for several benefits it offers; in this article, we will consider some of the most advantageous ones.

Reduced Cost and Time Savings

Every once in a while, businesses might consider that running an application outside the cloud runs with reduced maintenance costs. However, on the contrary, since there’s no requirement to maintain the Servers, Operating Systems and other resources, an application that runs on the Oracle Cloud costs way less than On-Premise applications. Cloud not only helps in facilitating infrastructure resources but also allows to monitor the budget by not exceeding.

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In addition, cloud technologies also offer more significant time savings – by resolving complex issues with minimal resources and cost – by following the Oracle Compute Unit (OCPU) billing type rather than RAM and CPU.

Enhanced Security

According to the businesses that have already performed oracle cloud migration, security challenges are their top priority. However, by adopting IPSec Connect, Fast Connect, businesses can be assured that the data traveling never happens over the public internet. Also, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure enables businesses to run their machine-critical workloads with complete control, which also includes security features like detailed logs, third-party software support, data encryption for both in-transition and static data, and more.

For the Foreseeable Future

Oracle is notorious for its greater reinvestment into its offerings for feature-rich innovation and strength of the applications, which is the primary reason why it is being actively chosen by businesses of all sizes that require reliable and modern working systems. Contrary to other cloud platforms available in the market, Oracle provides a greater Return on Investment (RoI) that can empower businesses for Oracle cloud migration.

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure also supports long-term business objectives and strategies with ease offering the control to increase/decrease workloads, build new applications and perform more according to the changes in the market conditions efficiently with more agility.

Better Performance

Since the advent of OCI, its primary goal has been to outperform its competitors, and, in this regard, it has already succeeded. OCI’s performance is fast and predictable, thanks to its flat network design. In addition, OCI offers 2 to 5x advantage when it comes to independent testing to AWS in the end-to-end workload performance.


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