10 Ideas for Creating a Viral Marketing Campaign

By Oscar MitchallWhen you think about a viral marketing campaign, it seems like an unachievable goal, isn’t it? Many marketers think that they need to invest a lot of money, time, and effort to create viral content, and they still need to be lucky to succeed.

In this article, we will share tips for your marketing campaign to get viral on the Internet with minimum time and investments. These techniques are time-tested and you don’t need to rely on luck to achieve high outcomes.

If you are not using marketing techniques to get viral, you are missing many advantages for your business. Before we move on to pieces of advice, let’s clarify what viral marketing means.

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing is a technique that helps create marketing content. This memorable content grabs the user’s attention. it is something like an earworm that stays in the mind of potential customers. Viral marketing involves SMM (social media marketing), text messages and emails, video content, and other methods of sharing information about the product or service being sold. This is more than a conventional ad that runs on TV and radio.

We call something viral when people are spreading it quickly to others. With social media, image and video content can reach even millions of people within a few hours. Apart from all this, users are an active element of viral marketing campaigns. They play an important role as they are the distributors of the content without realizing their role. Another distinctive feature of viral marketing is that your business can reap the results of your marketing campaigns very quickly.

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10 Tips to create viral marketing techniques

This is how you can extend your customer reach, increase brand awareness and skyrocket your sales.

1. Determine the target audience

Before you start planning your campaign, defining a target audience is an essential process. This process is even more complicated if you want to create viral content that will work well for a wide range of users. That’s why viral marketing campaigns are focused on more specified groups of users and markets. When you have selected your target users, learn more about them.

Do some research to find their interests, pains, and objectives. The more personally appealing the content seems, the more effective the campaign results will be.

2. Set well-defined goals

Another step before creating content is setting goals. It’s too risky to start a campaign without proper planning and objective. You should clearly understand what you are trying to achieve and what you want to receive with your viral marketing campaign. With some campaigns, you may aim at increasing sales, some are made for increasing awareness and expanding customer reach. With straightforward goals, your planning will be more effective and the structure will be much more focused and customer-centered.

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3. Visuals are everything

Visuals are crucial for viral networking with potential customers. They involve elements of your brand identity, they draw more user attention. In some cases, they are even more effective than plain text. Be careful about the visuals you choose. They may distract the viewers from the main message.

4. Appeal to users’ emotions

Customers are often driven by their emotions. While working on a viral marketing campaign that results in an emotional reaction, your users are more engaged. Do you remember any viral ads? And now, ask yourself why you remember them. Maybe they were amusing or touching. Or maybe they made you feel nostalgic or homesick. Besides, your favorite celebrity or influencer may have taken part in it. No matter what viral marketing examples come to your mind, it is all about emotions. Create a campaign that leaves no user indifferent and make sure it appeals to the right emotions.

5. Don’t be too pushy

Your campaign should not pressure your users too hard. It should be light and entertaining. Don’t overload your target users with information. Viral networking ads should be fast, digestible, and brief. The ad shouldn’t seem daunting and time-consuming. The first few seconds are decisive for customer engagement.

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6. A clear Call-to-action

What should your users do after they see your advertisement? Should they purchase something, order a service or subscribe to your social media channel? You need to define the user action to develop the best marketing technique that drives potential customers to do that. Create a message that helps them step towards your goals.

7. Keep it simple

All viral marketing campaigns have one crucial distinctive feature. The whole campaign can be wrapped into a short phrase or sentence. You need to have only one call-to-action so that your target users don’t get overwhelmed or distracted by unnecessary information. All the elements should support the overall goal of the campaign. Your main message should be memorable, plain, and accessible.

8. Choose multiple platforms

The more channels for spreading the ads you have, the more chances you get to succeed. If you make a short video, spread it on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube shorts. For longer videos, YouTube, Vimeo, and Patreon are the most suitable. For images, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook ads will enable the widest user reach. Find the most widely used social media according to your content type and involve maximum channels.

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9. Make your content shareable and downloadable

Create content that is easy to share. Make sure the users can spread it with friends with only one click. Allow your users to easily download the ad and add the content to their websites. The message should be visible and understandable.

10. Be more revolutionary than conventional marketing

Stay away from traditional marketing principles. Viral content is never content that users have already seen many times. The content should never be predictable and you need to break all the user expectations. Offer something outstanding to receive a strong reaction from your potential customers. Add a sense of mystery and incompleteness to lead the users through your marketing channel.


Viral marketing is a perfect opportunity to adjust your campaign to user needs. The content for such campaigns is brief, well-thought, and appealing. If you develop a series of messages for your target audience to reach higher results.

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