10 Tips for Building a Personal Brand & Boost Your Career

By Oscar Mitchall – Having a strong personal brand implies not only distinction from competitors. Your company will have the possibility o gain more sales, increase awareness, and have better customer experiences. Personal branding represents who you are, the values, and the methods by which you express your values. Your branding is exactly what you need to hand over a unique identity and visible value to possible hires and customers.

Although it seems complicated, it is still not impossible. We gathered effective steps by following which you will develop your authentic personal branding. Moreover, by doing this, you will boost your career in the process.

Define Who You Are

Before developing your personal branding, there is a necessity to determine for yourself who you are first since it is going to reflect your both personal and professional identity. You can even conduct introspection and make a list of your personal strong and weak points.

Ask yourself in what areas you succeed. What is your motivation? For what characteristics do other people compliment you? In what projects did you take part in and assist others? In what projects can you be involved and not feel overwhelmed or tired?

If you cannot respond to some of these questions, you can ask for help from your friends, family members, colleagues, etc. Only after you understand various aspects of your personality, you will have a clearer idea of how to brand these facets.

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Decide What You Desire to Be Famous for

Self-branding does not only stand for reflecting who you are now. Your branding is a sort of roadmap that shows where you can go. Your goal is not only to comprehend the skills and competencies that already exist. There is a necessity to likewise value your strong and weak points since they refer to any industry you desire to enter in the future.

By sticking to this tip, you will not just discover skills and traits that help you to stand out from others but also areas where there is a need to improve or get new knowledge to go further. Think about where you desire to be in the next several years and the qualities you desire to be famous for. This will assist you to define what actions you should perform to succeed in this.

Determine your Audience

How to build your brand? First, there is a need to define who you are attempting to reach. Are they industry leaders? Is this a person in a concrete company? Or maybe are they recruiters? Determining your audience in advance will assist you to comprehend the type of story you should create and where you should tell it.

Follow Professionals in the Desired Industry

Before you are going to plan your career, it is recommended to gather conducted research on professionals in the chosen industry. Discover who are considered thought leaders in the field that interests you and follow them. Utilize the Internet to find out if these thought leaders run blogs or have platforms where they share their viewpoints. Search for successful people and analyze what they are doing. Start imitating these people but then do these things in a better way. Before you start developing your brand and rising to the top, you should research who is already there.

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Request Informational Interviews

After you make a list of successful industry leaders, you can contact them and request informational interviews. These interviews will take no longer than half an hour and they are extremely valuable. There should not be a fear of asking questions to people from whom you desire to learn more. As a rule, these people are genuine and generous and will respond to your questions with pleasure. Ask those questions that will assist you to get new representation about your selected field. Moreover, such informational interviews are a good opportunity to tell a bit about yourself. This is how you create your brand.

Make a Presentation

One of the helpful personal branding tips when you go to the conceptualization, you should create a short presentation. As a rule, it is a story about who you are in 30-60 seconds. Such a presentation is an opportunity to describe briefly what you do and what you are pursuing in your career. It is possible to present this story no matter if you attend a networking occasion or an informal party.

Things you are going to tell in your story should be short. They should represent your qualities in the right light. Concentrate on several key points you desire to highlight. This can include you have strong points in a concrete niche or you are searching for a new position.

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Be Engaged in Networking

As you continue to build your professional brand, it is necessary to network regularly to expand your professional circle. Communicate with industry leaders and your peers by attending formal and informal networking occasions. Moreover, you can invite other attendees to these events for conducting informational interviews. Your personal branding will be recognized depending on how many connections you make. The more connections mean the more value you can grant in your interactions.

Get Recommendations

What can assist in defining your self-branding the best? It is to provide other people to speak about your value. Companies utilize reviews and testimonials of clients for increasing sales and marketing. Recommendations can stand for such testimonials for you.

Conduct research on which of your current and former colleagues support you. These can also be your former mentors, professors, and leaders of organizations. Make sure these people can not only write a letter of recommendation but also speak with your potential hirer if required.

Expand your Presence on the Internet

Fortunately, many social media tools exist nowadays. Thus, there will be no problem in defining the most suitable platforms for you. Make sure the story you are going to tell matches across all the selected platforms. Your presence on the Internet can assist in attracting more new people, colleagues, hiring managers, etc. Among the best platforms that can help to build your professional brand are LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

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Your Personal Branding Isn’t Online Only

Your future brand is not an online personage only. It is how you conduct yourself while going to the office, at home, or in the office itself. All you have is your reputation. Make the most of the possibilities you have: work with other people, take part in different projects, and declare yourself as a true leader.


When creating your personal brand keep in your memory to highlight what makes you different from other people. It can be unique interests, professional expertise, values, educational background, etc. Adjust your personality as you meet interesting people, discover new networking possibilities, etc. As your personal branding evolves, your career will boost as well.

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