7 Video Editing Tips You Must Know

Video marketing is an important tool for successfully reaching your audience. Smartphones and social media have put video marketing in the limelight, it’s hard not to see at least one video stream online if you use Facebook or perform a web search. 


Videos are not difficult to put together. Gone are the days of hiring professionals or needing fancy equipment. Today’s smartphones come with video recording capabilities that can capture your marketing campaign. Enhance this with some technology and you’ve got yourself a marketing campaign that reaches the masses.

Before you can send your video online, you should edit it to make sure it looks professional and doesn’t have bloopers. Fortunately, video editing software has come a long way and you can probably edit your video at home. Before you decide to do this, check out these video editing tips that you must know.

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Computer Selection is Critical

It doesn’t matter what kind of software you have or how talented you are at using the video camera, if your computer is too slow or doesn’t have enough memory to edit the software, you might as well hire someone to do it for you.

Videos are large files. Your computer needs to have a fast processor and a lot of memory to be able to handle the video. In addition to the video file size, video editing software takes up a lot of space and needs a fast processor to work. Choose a computer with a large hard drive, at least 8 MB of RAM. If you already have your software, make sure you get a computer that has the recommended hardware requirements.

Software Makes It Simple

The software you choose should be easy enough for beginners to learn but robust enough to make the edits you need. At a minimum you should be able to:

  • Add music
  • Cut scenes
  • Add text
  • Correct lighting
  • Export for both web and mobile viewing.

More advanced video makers may let you correct images, create split screens, and move clips as needed. After you choose your software, you should learn keyboard shortcuts or find a keyboard overlay that corresponds to the software. Keyboard shortcuts make it faster to edit videos.

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Know Your Audience

Before you start shooting your video, think about your audience. If your audience is an active, younger group, make your video full of energy with lively music. On the other hand, if your audience is older, avoid trendy music, stick with styles that fit your audience.

Make a Plan

Put your ideas on paper and know what you want to shoot before you ever hit the record button. Avoid lengthy scripts, get to the point. This is easier to do if you have it planned out ahead of time. Make sure everyone is on the same page before you start.

The Cutting Floor

Don’t be afraid to edit your videos. The shorter it is the better. Your audience may only watch the first thirty seconds if it doesn’t catch their attention. Make sure you get to the point quickly. If you cut out scenes, ensure you save revisions so you can add them back in if you change your mind.


Choose a music that matches the message you are sending. If you are unsure what type of music to use, ask for professional help. You don’t want to turn viewers off due to bad music selections. You can find royalty-free music on the web with a quick Google search.

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Make It Mobile

No matter how good your marketing video is if it isn’t viewable on mobile devices you are going to miss more than half of your potential customers. More people watch marketing videos and visit websites on mobile devices than on any other device. Your software should have the capability of exporting to a high-quality web version that will work with Youtube, Facebook, and Vimeo, to name a few.

Call to Action – Don’t Forget

Don’t forget why you made the video. Make sure you have a call to action, tell the audience why they are seeing the video. Summarize your video in a short montage at the end to refresh the viewer’s memory. Then add a call to action that helps you reach your goal. 


Using a fast computer, good editing software and a few tips to put the video together will bring your marketing campaign to life and help broaden your business and increase your profits. Make sure you follow all the tips listed above. 




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