8 Best Online Survey Apps In 2022

By John Peterson – Survey tools are essential for businesses as it allows them to be more efficient in their customer research process. This way, brands can get better insight from customers on how to improve their service and product offerings.

It’s an advantage for business organizations that there are many online survey tools in the market. However, picking out the best one for them will prove to be another problem on its own. In this article we look at 8 of the best survey apps and tools.

1.    Survey monkey

This is one of the best survey tools out there. It is tested and trusted and currently has more than 40 million users worldwide. This tool offers comprehensive questionnaires that build solutions as well as a metric analysis tool for users. With this tool, users don’t need to have coding skills before creating complex sets of questions and processing their responses quickly and efficiently. 

Sign-up is free, and it takes a few minutes to create a survey. However, you need to sign up for the paid option before accessing the collected data. Also, the pricing increases if you’re looking to get over 1000 responses in a month or you want to use the pipeline and branching features. 

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 2.    SurveyGizmo

This tool is ideal for surveying a large market or group of coworkers. It allows the user to create online forms, which include surveys, quizzes, and payment forms. There are also some good features on the tool to help you do an excellent survey, such as branching questions, kiosk mode, exporting the data to Google Sheet, and sharing the survey on other platforms, or even downloading a hard copy for printing. According to an article published on the Top British Essays platform, the Logic Editor is the most powerful feature of this tool, as it allows logic display based on questions. 

3.    SurveySparrow

This tool allows users to create pleasant conversations instead of conventional bland surveys. It helps users to create highly engaging surveys with a chat-like experience with their smartphones. This tool has numerous features that mark it as one of the best survey tools available. The user interface is friendly and conversational, similar to a messaging app. Users can build a template or use an existing one, among other options such as drag and drop, display logic, etc. 

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4.     Typeform 

This tool takes a different approach from other survey tools. It focuses on user interaction as the best way to create engagement with the end-users and get the best response. This method works for the users as they get up to four times higher completion rate than the industry standards.

5.     Google forms 

Google form is a very flexible survey maker, more than the others on this list. Users can create multiple surveys with multiple questions and get numerous responses from their survey. It also allows users to transfer their results into Google sheets to enable them to analyze them better. It is entirely free to use and doesn’t have a premium version, unlike the others. So you get all the functionalities without having to pay any amount. 

6.     Qualtrics 

This robust survey app offers more than 100 question types with different ready-made survey templates. Authors of a recent essay writing service mentioned that this tool has various features enabled, such as email triggers, logic branching, display logic, etc., to give users a wonderful experience. There are also more than 30 graph types to choose from, and users can export the results to SPPS or CSV.

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7.   Jotform Survey Maker

Jotform Survey Maker is an email survey builder built to undercut the Typeform tool but is easier to use. It is easy to master and can help marketing people generate the feedback and leads they want. This tool is used in more than 150 countries and 12 languages, with more than 2 million users. The starting plan is free and allows about 100 submissions, but you have to subscribe to the paid plans to do more. 

8.     ZohoSurvey 

This is a competitive online survey tool with numerous features and a powerful user interface. It is very intuitive and straightforward to use. It offers the users 25 question types that range from multiple-choice questions to images. It’s also easy to track the progress of your survey from your mobile app. This tool allows you to share your survey with ease on different platforms and also provides audiences to you based on your preferred demographics if you lack an audience. 


A recent article at SuperiorPapers listed these survey tools as some of the best that you can get anywhere in the world. You can be sure that you’ll get the value for your money with any of these tools. Some of them give you functionalities that you won’t get with other tools, which is why they stand out.


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