Why a Blacklisted IP Should not Worry You

Before we look into why you should not worry about a blacklisted IP, we’ll first look into what is an IP blacklist. For starters, cybersecurity firms usually compile a database comprising IP addresses that send spam. They then share the databases with different email service providers to protect the users from receiving unwanted emails. In this article, we will cover some of the important aspects you should consider.

First of all, your IP can be blacklisted because of a number of reasons. Some might be more benign, while others are more severe.

User Reports

This reason is because of someone who receives an unwanted email, they can report it as spam on the spam database websites or email applications.

Unusual Send Volumes

This particular case comes to attention if there is a sudden increase in outgoing emails, that’s a red flag. The ISPs (internet service providers) usually collaborate with cybersecurity firms to flag the IP addresses involved in abnormal activity.

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Spam Traps

It is one of the most frequent versions out there. These are email addresses that are unpublished, and they can be found through bulk email harvesting or website scraping.

Some email service providers who usually use these blacklists include Microsoft and Gmail; the blacklists help these firms determine what can be delivered to a user’s inbox and what should be sent to the junk or spam folder.

It Can be Fixed

But worry not! If your IP address is already blacklisted, there is no need to worry since there are different ways through which this issue can be fixed. In addition, depending on the reason why your IP address has been blacklisted, it may be hard or easy to remove it from the blacklist. As a result, let’s look at some of the steps you must follow if your IP has been blacklisted.

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Question Yourself

One of the first things that should be done is to verify that you might have been blacklisted. First, ask yourself: Is my IP blacklisted? Then you need to remain calm. It might be the first time your IP has been blacklisted; however, you need to understand that you aren’t the first one whose IP has been blacklisted since the advent of the Internet. Fortunately, because so many people have already gone through this experience, the internet is rich with options that you can follow in order to solve your problem. After your IP has been blacklisted, the steps you should follow include the following:

Look for the Address that was Blacklisted You

First, look for the IP address responsible for blacklisting your email address. Multiple addresses blacklist email addresses while attempting to deal with spam online. Some tools can help to check the records where your IP address is mentioned. Identifying the IP address that blacklisted your email address is a major step toward solving the problem.

Carry Out a Blacklist Evaluation

After identifying the blacklisting IP address, you can carry out a blacklist check. The process entails assessing the impact that the blacklist will have on your email deliverability. For example, some blacklists cannot affect your ability to send emails, whereas others can block them entirely. Do not give up so easily, especially when you know that you are in the right. Be sure that you stick for yourself.

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Request Delisting

You can request your IP address to be delisted from the blacklist. You can visit the association’s website and look at their delisting requirements. Maintaining professionalism as you interact with the association responsible for blacklisting your IP address is important. The main focus should be on getting the help you need. In most cases, the organization can help if you follow the delisting requirements to the letter. Sometimes, writing an email with a request is the easy way out. So, do not panic; there are always solutions that may help you get out of any problems you might have.

How Can You Avoid Having Your IP Address Blacklisted?

After your IP address has been delisted, you must ensure the same issue won’t affect you again. Because otherwise, you would feel like you are chasing the mouse all over the place, like a dizzy cat. You do not want for this experience to be repeated to no end. Some of the steps you should take include the following:

Verify Your Email Address

Some solutions may be incredibly easy. It may come as a surprise to find out that one of the most reliable methods in your employment is verifying your email address. Users should utilize email verification tools to ensure their email address is authentic. Some tools that help with email verification allow you to avoid fraudulent links that make a device prone to cyber-attacks.

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Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

The best way to avoid blacklisting is to use a VPN (a virtual private network). As the name suggests, you’ll get a virtual IP address that can allow you to send emails, and they won’t be tied to a particular IP address that will be at risk of being blacklisted. No one will be able to trace your movements afterward. More importantly, they would not be able to pinpoint your location to a certain pin on the map. It will give you free rein to surf the internet unbound by any government-imposed limitations and avoid any unfavorable restrictions.

Final Thoughts

Make your life much more easier and increasingly safer by choosing to work with a VPN at all times. It will make sure that your internet browsing is kept private and secure.

When you find out your IP address has been blacklisted, your email deliverability will be affected, and your IP reputation will be at stake. In most cases, blacklisting occurs because you have sent many emails that have been classified as spam. Numerous organizations are focused on dealing with spam online, and they’re responsible for IP blacklisting; these organizations utilize spam filters that are highly sensitive.


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