8 Best WordPress SEO Plugins to Boost Your Rankings

By Upma Singh – Do you understand why a few website’s top search engine results pages? Effective SEO is the solution. You can take the top spot in search engine results if you put the necessary and appropriate work into this crucial component.

The main goal of building a website is to “rank higher on search results.” But building a website is one thing; seeing it through to success is quite another. Given the fierce competition in every field, standing out from the crowd is challenging.

However, using WordPress SEO plugins is one of the simplest ways to increase website traffic. It improves not just the overall performance of your site but also the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. On the other hand, looking for the top WordPress SEO plugins will make you feel as if you are in a crowded market.

As the market is flooded with lots of options, selecting the correct options for your business website is a daunting task. So, to sort it out for you, we have handpicked 08 best WordPress SEO plugins to boost your ranking easily!

Let’s get rolling to learn!

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What makes SEO plugins necessary? Which is the best among all?

You should first understand why your business website needs SEO plugins before making the best choice.

As per many studies, over 75% of visitors don’t click beyond the first page of search engine results. Or you can say, the maximum number of people click only the first 8-10 result pages. So, to get great visibility among your target audience, you should have good rankings. Understanding how important it is to be on top search results, a lot of website owners opt for Schema WordPress plugins to improve discoverability across search engines.

Other than this, various WordPress SEO plugins give effective results when it comes to gaining visibility for your website. Such tools also assist in fixing broken links, organizing web structures, doing SEO audits, and many other things to maintain a good ranking.

As you have read, WordPress SEO plugins help to raise the website’s performance and overall position in the top search results. Now, let’s explore some of the top SEO plugins for WordPress that help to boost your rankings!


The first option on the list of the best WordPress SEO plugins is Yoast which is considered the best SEO plugin for WordPress. Yoast offers a wide range of features to improve the SEO of the website. Although many people still find the process complex, a plugin like Yoast SEO may be a good assistance in analyzing the content of your website and providing guidance on how to enhance it using various strategies. Because it makes post and page optimization easier, this plugin is regarded as one of the most potential ones.

This plugin provides several templates that evaluate the content’s readability and keyword usage. Yoast SEO plugin offers advice on how to improve the articles and pages for search engine rankings.

Some potential features of Yoast

  • It helps in monitoring the internal links.
  • It helps to conduct content analysis and SEO audits to enhance SEO.
  • It verifies the readability of each page and post.
  • You can also find redundant content on pages and posts.
  • With this plugin, an XML sitemap can be generated automatically, making it easier for search engines to index your website.

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Rank Math

Another top-rated WordPress SEO plugin with all the capabilities you require to maintain search engine optimization is Rank Math. This plugin is simple to use and lightweight.

You have total control over the on-page SEO of your goods, pages, blogs, and other content with this SEO plugin.

Some potential features of Rank Math

  • It has support for Open Graph and Twitter Card.
  • You can get suggestions for creating internal links.
  • It provides an intuitive UI to use.
  • It has a redirection module that points 404 errors towards helpful content on the website.
  • It has options to provide different photo titles or alt tags.


Another one of the considerable WordPress SEO plugins that provides a wide range of capabilities to increase website traffic is SEMrush.

Many SEO experts find this plugin to be very useful which makes it one of the favorable plugins. With this plugin, you may produce higher-quality, and more SEO-friendly content.

Some potential features of SEMrush

  • It is a good tool for on-page SEO analysis and helps with content marketing.
  • You can check your product pages and articles for broken links.
  • It monitors highly ranked and relevant keywords to make your pages well-optimized.
  • It helps to do a competitive analysis of keywords and helps to optimize specific keywords.
  • It also helps to suggest the latest content ideas.

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Millions of commercial websites utilize Akismet, another potential WordPress plugin. The comments in the section are automatically analyzed by this plugin, which then removes any spam. It filters 3,500,000 spam pieces every hour on average. Spam comments are immediately removed, and those that raise doubts are flagged for your evaluation.

Akismet handles Bots that troll the internet and send spam through forms and comments on any page. If you are searching for an essential anti-spam tool for all kinds of WordPress websites, Akismet is a good choice.

Some potential features of Akismet

  • It helps to scan comments, blogs, and contact forms.
  • It will check all comments for any kind of spam automatically.
  • It blocks spam communications to maintain free disc space and speed up the website.
  • It provides a smooth interaction with additional plugins and tools.
  • It deletes nasty spam automatically if it finds any.

WP Forms

Another fantastic addition to a WordPress website is WP Forms, which facilitates user-friendliness by making it easy for people to contact you. This well-liked form builder allows you to add forms to your website using a drag-and-drop editor.

This plugin is essential for every website because WordPress sites lack default form functionality. You can get basic features like spam protection included for free submissions.

Some potential features of WP Forms

  • It provides a drag-and-drop form builder.
  • It provides default templates to create forms.
  • The design of the form is adaptable.
  • It helps to send users an email when a form is submitted.
  • You can get Registration and login forms in pro versions.
  • It provides a Form with multiple pages and a survey poll (in the pro version).


Another essential WordPress plugin for your company’s lead generation needs is OptinMonster. Using a drag-and-drop builder, this plugin makes it simple to construct countdown clocks, popup forms, coupon wheels, notification bars, and more. With OptinMonster, you can show your visitors any kind of information. This plugin invites users to register, subscribe, or submit a coupon application.

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With the help of this plugin, users may easily alter the popup’s design to match your company’s logo. OptinMonster helps you generate as many leads as possible by collecting email addresses and encouraging people to sign up for a deal or discount.

Some potential features of OptinMonster

  • It provides various templates for timers, coupon wheels, welcome gates, pop-ups, and other things.
  • It gives the simplicity of configuring many triggers for your popups.
  • It’s simple to show different kinds of popups to different users.
  • It gives a simple connection with a variety of email marketing instruments.
  • It is responsive and optimized for mobile devices.


Broken links are one of the main factors that drive people away from your website. They are detrimental not just to your website but also to its SERP (search engine result page) ranking. Here’s where the Redirection plugin comes into light. When users click on broken or outdated links, it will reroute them to an alternate page.

Redirects are efficiently created and managed by this plugin. You can quickly see how many redirections are happening on your website by using its logging tools. With the use of this plugin, you can automatically track and resolve 404 problems. You can use the Redirection plugin for free.

Some potential features of Redirection

  • It supports Redirections with conditions.
  • It assists in tracking 404 errors and assists you in finding and resolving problems.
  • It helps in automating redirects in response to site permalink changes.


Another quick, easy-to-use, and incredibly potential free SEO WordPress plugin is SEOPress. You may customize the meta descriptions and titles for different articles, pages, terms, etc. with this plugin.

You can trace your visits and optimize tags for simple social media sharing with HTML and XML sitemaps with SEOPress.

Some potential features of SEOPress

  • It provides a content analysis feature to write better posts.
  • It supports XML sitemaps for Google News.
  • It has the feature of Google Analytics Data.
  • It gives better SEO and accessibility with breadcrumbs.
  • It supports local SEO businesses.
  • It supports the Redirection module and 404 error handling.

Parting Thoughts

That’s all for now!

SEO is a daunting task without a doubt. It becomes more difficult when you don’t have the right SEO plugins or tools to use. If you don’t use the right plugins, you can negatively impact the website’s performance. Thus, it may fall in the search engine rankings tool.

But if you select the right WordPress SEO plugin, it can make a big difference in the SEO efforts you put in. All the above-mentioned plugins are famous and useful to enhance your website’s rankings.

Once you know the uses of each and how and when to use them, you can ease the complicated tasks like keyword planning, competitor analysis, etc. We tried to gather the best WordPress SEO plugins that are required for any business website. But it is suggestible to read all the features carefully before you pick the best one as per your requirements.

So, what are you waiting for?

Choose the best WordPress plugin for your business website and acquire the topmost ranks in search results!


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