Best AI Email Generators of 2024

Crafting impactful emails is pivotal as they often shape initial impressions of both you and your company. Therefore, it’s imperative to compose professional and courteous emails when corresponding with potential clients or customers.

In the realm of technology and time, AI email generators have proven to be highly advantageous for businesses. These tools pledge to streamline your sales process without compromising response rates or deliverability.

They contribute to optimizing your email procedures, resulting in heightened response rates and enhanced communication.

But the question arises: Is this AI technology truly as effective as it claims?

Discover comprehensive insights into top AI email generators and gain the knowledge to select the right one from a myriad of options by exploring this article.

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Using AI for writing emails – Facilitating Your Workflow

There’s a multitude of benefits associated with employing AI email generators. These tools can automate email marketing tasks, saving both time and money. Moreover, they enhance email quality by generating personalized content based on customer data.

Customizing emails according to your specific needs and preferences becomes seamless with the assistance of a free email generator.

Additionally, an AI email generator serves as a valuable ally in avoiding spam filters, thereby increasing the likelihood of your emails being opened and read by the recipient.

The market offers various AI writing assistants, each with differing word limits or credit systems for users.

The dilemma lies in deciding the most suitable option: whether to rely on a credible internet source or peruse ratings and reviews across different platforms.

Several parameters should be considered before making a decision. There’s a notable contrast in the quality of content from various AI writing assistants, and their ease of use varies significantly.

Ultimately, the choice hinges on the pricing structure of AI writing assistants. To provide you with a detailed perspective, we present an in-depth view of the finest AI email generators available.

LongShot AI professional email generator

Elevate your writing prowess with LongShot AI to stand out from the competition. Integrated with SemRush, this tool empowers you to write more intelligently.

Boasting features ranging from Blog Ideas to Long Summary capabilities, LongShot AI emerges as a robust writing tool favored by content marketers. Its user-friendly interface, factual precision, and the delivery of high-quality content make it a preferred choice.

LongShot Email AI Generator expedites the composition of superior emails. Employing machine learning, it analyzes your email content, offering insightful suggestions for improvement.

Currently in beta, the service utilizes natural language processing to automatically generate data-driven, personalized emails resembling human communication. LongShot AI extends a 7-day free trial, and its Software as a Service (SaaS) is affordably priced between $49-$99 per month.

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Copy AI

Your go-to solution for all copywriting and sales needs, Copy AI covers everything from product descriptions and ads to website copy and emails.

This email ai writer provides an array of features, including a sentence rephraser, formatting tool, and tone checker. The autocorrect feature aids in rectifying common writing errors.

Functioning as a robust email generator, Copy AI facilitates the creation of professional-looking emails within minutes. Crafting email pitches becomes effortless, allowing integration of data from various sources and the creation of diverse email templates (welcome, product description, confirmation, subscription, etc.).

Priced at $36 per month, the subscription includes an incredible offer of three free months.

Jasper AI

Ideal for businesses in need of high-quality, original content, Jasper AI excels in content curation, outpacing an average human copywriter by 5 times.

Generating clever, well-written copy for emails, ads, websites, listings, and blogs is made easy with pre-written templates. Jasper AI’s AI Email Generator automates email marketing campaigns, doubling as a tool for customer support or lead generation.

With affordable plans starting at $40 per month and a free trial option, Jasper AI ensures accessibility.

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Recognized for crafting ad copy, short-form copy, and various content types, Rytr’s potency could be enhanced with SEO features and third-party integrations.

While lacking templates for specific sales and marketing emails, Rytr offers versatility across 30+ languages, 30+ use cases, and templates, along with formatting options and a plagiarism checker. Users can create custom use cases, paralleling the flexibility of Jasper.

Rytr utilizes natural language processing and machine learning to generate effective, personalized emails based on user input. The email template library aids in swift email creation.

With a free plan allowing 10k characters per month and a premium upgrade starting at $9 per month, Rytr stands out as a cost-effective solution.


Facilitating quick and easy content generation, Writesonic caters to diverse business needs with its content-generation tools.

While offering a limited selection of email templates, Writesonic accommodates regular business emails, marketing, and sales emails. The sales email generator, cold email generator, and email subject line generator contribute to crafting impactful email campaigns, supporting content creation in 25 global languages.

New users are welcomed with 2,500 free words, enabling exploration of Writesonic’s copywriting tools. Monthly and yearly billing options, with varying content generation credits and word quality plans ranging from $10 to $666, cater to diverse user needs.


Currently in private beta, Flowrite stands out as an AI email generator creating personalized emails based on customer interactions. Leveraging machine learning, it tailors emails to enhance customer satisfaction.

Smart templates facilitate the generation of unique drafts without user input. Flowrite’s continuous learning ensures accurate and relevant emails, saving time through automated email generation based on current conversations.

While awaiting public release, interested users can join the waitlist on Flowrite’s website.

Peppertype AI

An AI-powered tool within PepperContent, Peppertype AI aids in crafting compelling and engaging copy. Built on OpenAI’s GPT-3 model, it utilizes machine learning algorithms for diverse content generation.

Offering 33+ copywriting modules, Peppertype AI presents two plans: Personal and Team. Priced at $35/month and $40/month, respectively, these plans cater to individual and team needs.

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Smart Copy

Formerly, Smart Copy by Unbounce suits marketing agencies and businesses seeking on-brand marketing content. Providing email templates for sales outreach and pitches, Smart Copy incorporates a free Chrome extension and desktop app offering writing suggestions.

With 45+ content templates and support for 30+ languages, Smart Copy aids in overcoming writer’s block. The Free Starter Plan offers 5 free credits per day, while the Paid Growth Plan, available at $49 per month, includes a 14-day free trial.


A free email generator, AISEO facilitates the creation of personalized emails to boost sales and reach new customers. Offering a range of options and templates for various purposes, AISEO ensures user-friendly email creation.

With three affordable subscription plans—

Grow, Scale, and Team—priced at $19, $34, and $49 per month, respectively, AISEO provides accessibility.


Pioneering AI-powered copywriting, Anyword introduces the Predictive Performance Score feature. Evaluating the potential of AI-generated content to engage with the audience, it includes a cold email generator, sales email generator, and content marketing tool.

Utilizing GPT-3 and other AI technologies, Anyword generates content in multiple languages. The forever-free plan incorporates the cold and sales email generator feature.


Focusing on email copy for cold outreach, SmartWriter utilizes publicly available data sources to create unique sales emails. Personalized icebreakers, cold email content, LinkedIn outreach messages, and backlink outreach templates form the core offerings.

Specializing in personalized emails for prospects and automated SEO backlink outreach, SmartWriter integrates with popular outreach automation platforms. Tailored for cold outreach, it aids in making a lasting impression and connecting with the target audience.


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