Which Type of Hosting is Best for WordPress

Many professional web hosting companies provide hosting services, so there’s no shortage of ways to use this popular CMS. Some hosts make it possible to manage everything through WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tools. The

platform is becoming more and more popular and powers everything from simple blogs to enterprise websites.Web hosting services that support WordPress make managing your site easy and carefree. Here’s a list of the cream of the crop.


Hostinger features excellent loading time and very low prices. Their managed hosting plan begins at only $1.99 per site per month, the lowest on the market. There is a $4 per month contract renewal price, but that’s quite affordable too.

This fee includes the option to add 100 more sites as well as unlimited bandwidth, free email, and 100 GB of SSD storage.

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This eco-friendly WordPress hosting provider offers quality, WP-optimized shared hosting plans. With a fast setup, affordable rates, and live chat support around the clock, you will be able to launch a professional WordPress platform without any issues.

GreenGeeks’ knowledge base contains a wealth of information and hundreds of WordPress-specific tutorials. Security and fast performance don’t cost extra. The carbon-reducing firm even pledges to match 300% of the energy used with renewable energy.


This provider is more suited to enterprises or users with several WordPress sites. They make creating a site a child’s play. You can build one easily with a one-click staging tool, which generates a facsimile of your website, which you can later test or edit as needed. You don’t need to worry about messing up the real site because you’re working on the test version.

If you pay for 12 months in advance, the price comes to $12.67 per site per month. You can also pay on a monthly basis, but the discount for paying once a year is considerable – it is equivalent to using the service for free for four months.

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The best thing about Flywheel is its top-quality support. This company offers managed hosting with an excellent migration service, which frees up your time to deal with other non-website-related problems. Their dedicated team will handle the whole process of migrating your site to their web host for free.

Flywheel’s blueprints let customers save customized plugins and themes to use multiple times. The company gives customers two weeks to display their work on a password-protected demo site at no extra cost before they are charged. Customers can pass the billing for any site on to their clients. If you’re a web design professional working on client sites, FlyWheel is truly an excellent option.

Their plan is a bit more expensive than the others on this list: $13 a month for a single site with disk space of 5GB and 5,000 visitors a month.

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Scala Hosting

Scala features free migration of an unlimited number of WordPress websites, handling the whole process for you. Security features are where this provider truly excels. Every customer gets a dedicated firewall, malware scan and removal, a brute force attack blocker, and custom security rules, which Scala implements on your behalf. There are also automated updates to eliminate risks from vulnerabilities.

Their plans include free content delivery, seven daily backups, and free SEO tools and analysis.

What to Look for in WordPress Website Hosting

It’s a good idea to order drag and drop functionality unless you’re experienced with hosting services. Your hosting provider should offer tools to help manage the site. SSL security is of paramount importance, and it’s something you should take into account. It stands for Secure Socket Layering. A website’s visitors verify its security using this method.

SSL makes sure any confidential or sensitive information remains safe when two systems transfer it from one to another. You can maintain SSL in the majority of browsers today, even if you don’t intend to transmit sensitive data. SSL makes it possible to upgrade your site from HTTP to HTTPS access. Since a lot of browsers block unsecured sites, your potential visitors will remain just that. What’s more, browsers punish unsecured sites by pushing them down in search rankings.

SSL is free from most web hosting companies.

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Do You Need Customization?

If you want your site to support additional open-source software like Drupal or Joomla, know that not every host offers this. If you work with a developer, you’ll be able to do a lot more with WordPress, but you’ll also pay more.


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