Best ways to become more productive as a trader

Trading has become a new trend that has proven to be beneficial for many. However, there are many risks involved, and it’s important that you have proper knowledge before you begin. Stock trading is an investment that places more value on short-term profits over the long term.

Trading is a process of buying and selling company shares and making a profit from daily changes in price. When trading individual stocks, those who can time the market accurately will make a quick profit. However, there is a chance of great loss.

With just a mobile phone and laptop, you can begin your trading journey. You can easily learn and start trading. Whether you are new in the field or have some experience, there are gadgets that will help you in your trading journey.

A Computer System

Although this is stating the obvious, every trader needs a computer. But you don’t just need any computer; you need a robust system. As a professional, you will visit multiple websites and analyze graphs and charts. Also, you will be carrying out a lot of research.

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Your computer should be able to handle multiple charts and trading platforms without lagging. Apart from the general inconvenience of a slow computer, stocks can rise and drop quickly. You shouldn’t miss those moments just because your computer crashed or got frozen.

You must invest in a computer that has a large memory, long battery life, and fast processor. Also, you can decide to have multiple screens for easier viewing of graphs and charts. Alongside the screens, you need a quality mouse and keyboard to make scrolling and typing easy.

It is also important that your system has the necessary stock trading software. That is the platform that will enable you to trade. Having software for trading is a must. And with the right AI trading platform, you have access to several investment algorithms. You can also build strategies and identify trading opportunities that will be of advantage. Trading analysis software helps you attain the height of a trading pro.

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A Smartphone

Smartphones have evolved and can do so much more than is expected. With a high-end smartphone, you can get caught up in the news and the latest developments on stock prices.

Smartphones can make your trading a lot faster, and you can trade from anywhere. They can come in handy when you don’t have access to your laptop. Also, there might be an urgent reason that’ll require placing a call through.


Trading can be advantageous, and most people admire traders. But then, trading requires long hours of monitoring and analyzing graphs. Traders have to sit down for long hours, all day, every day. They get so engrossed with their jobs that they hardly leave their working spot.

This is why a desk is necessary. Using your laptop on your couch or bed is bad for you. And it can cause pains and cramps. Also, sitting for long may be unhealthy, and standing desks will be the best option. With a standing desk, traders can stand for a long time and work comfortably. Even in your pursuit of succeeding in trading, your health should come first.

Standing desks can help you remain active while working. By standing, you reduce the risk of heart disease and obesity as well as lower blood sugar levels. Also, it will boost your mood and increase your productivity.

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4. Comfortable Chair

While some trade standing, others prefer sitting while trading. But you can do both alternatively at intervals. Whatever the case may be, you will need a very comfortable chair to trade. Sitting for long hours in a bad posture can affect your back.

And so, it is important that you source comfortable chairs. You know best what you are most comfortable with. Buy a chair that can help you sit upright and be comfortable. This will enable you to sit comfortably and trade without developing health issues.

5. Blue Light Glasses

When using your laptop and phone, light is emitted from the devices. This light is visible to the eyes and is known as blue light. And over time, blue light can damage the eyes. It makes the eyes dehydrated and tired. However, traders stare at their screens for long hours, which is a necessary part of the business.

Also, traders cannot reduce the number of hours spent on the screen. Every second is important, and a few minutes of absence can cause so much loss. You have to constantly monitor the market and sell stock at the right time.

In this case, blue light glass is the solution. They drastically reduce the amount of blue light rays that enter the eye and you can work for long without experiencing eye fatigue.

Blue light glasses are easy to get and do not need a prescription.

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5. Trading Journal

Every trader needs a trade journal to take stock of trading patterns. Your trading journal can be a hard copy journal or an app. An app may be best because you can easily access it from any device. With a journal, you can take note of observations and outcomes.

This will help you know techniques that work better for you and those that don’t. Although some sales come by chance, taking notes can go a long way.

6. Stress Balls and Fidget Gadgets

I know you may be wondering why these tools are here. As we know, trading can come with stress and agitation. You need something to keep your mind occupied as you trade. With a stress ball and fidget gadget, you can channel your stress and anxiety. They will help you reduce your stress level while you trade. If you are up for it, you can also get a Rubik’s cube.

In Summary

As a trader, you can become more productive when you have the right tools. Also, you shouldn’t spend much getting them. With these tools, you can trade longer and at the same time be comfortable. Making profit should be the goal, but it should not be at the expense of your health.

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