JavaScript is the best programming language for beginners: Is it true or not

NOTE: The actual contents and opinions are the sole views of the author who maintains editorial independence.Coding is a skill that is important to learn in this day and age. According to Oracle & Burning Glass, the IT industry is growing 50% faster than the rest of the jobmarket. 

If you want to be a software developer, you might be wondering what programming language to learn first. As you browse the web pages, you will see the answer is JavaScript. Because of this, we recommend JavaScript as the best programming language for beginners. It is the most widely used programming language for beginners, professionals, and even several dedicated software development teams worldwide. 

No doubt you’ve heard it many times. So, is it the best programming language for beginners? Read more to find out. 

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What is JavaScript?

To put it simply, JavaScript is a programming language for making interactive websites. It adds life to your website by incorporating functionalities. Some of these functionalities include modal windows, forms, and drop-down menus. 

Moreover, it’s not just limited to creating websites. With JavaScript, you can also create animations, browser-based games, and interactive maps. 

If you’re thinking of creating new libraries and frameworks, it’s also possible through web and server apps. This is why there’s no doubt why JavaScript is the most popular coding language. 

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JavaScript is the best programming language for beginners
Programming language, JavaScript inscription on the background of computer code. Modern digital technologies and programming training.

Why JavaScript for Beginners?

JavaScript is indeed the best programming language for beginners. Why? These are some of the reasons below:


According to Career Foundry, it is beginner-friendly. What’s also great about JavaScript is that it is installed on every web browser. As a result, you don’t need to set it up before using it. Thus, you can quickly start coding with JavaScript.

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In addition to being a beginner-friendly coding language, you’ll see results immediately after only a few lines of code. For example, assume you’re new to JavaScript and aren’t sure where to begin. There is a vast community to learn from on sites like StackOverflow in such a situation.


Initially, JavaScript was only invented for web clients. Nowadays, it can be used in various fields – from simple to complex solutions. With JavaScript, you will be able to:

  1. Create iOS and Android mobile apps via React Native
  2. Create web interfaces through React, Angular, or Vue
  3. Using Node.js, you can make solutions for CLI
  4. Backend development via Express and Node.js
  5. Develop automation scenarios for Mac and Photoshop
  6. Create desktop applications
  7. Aid in back-end solutions for blockchain technology

If you want to create solutions catered to many users, Javascript is the best option. 

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Fun and Interactive

You’re mistaken if you believe JavaScript is a plain, old, and uninteresting coding language. In fact, it has a graphical UI that is easy for beginners to use and manipulate. 

You can code that runs in the browser to create interactive projects during the learning phase. 

Provides support for learning

Every browser allows viewing the source code to learn from other people’s code. Since it is the most active repository, you can easily share each other’s code through community sites such as StackOverflow. In addition, with over 3,600 meetup groups worldwide, you’ll be able to learn from these support groups. 

Easy tool for learning

There’s a JavaScript interpreter built on every browser. This means you can experiment with the code while receiving instant feedback. As a result, you will be able to learn faster.

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Disadvantages of JavaScript

While it may be the best programming language for beginners, JavaScript has its fair share of flaws. These are the listed below:

  1. While processing data types, some problems can occur. Also, it’s not possible to view the created code. 
  2. There is no support for object-oriented programming.
  3. It will require you to use libraries and frameworks, which require experience. 

Despite its flaws, JavaScript’s advantages significantly outweigh the competition. Although, once you build your experience, these issues will be eliminated. 


Technology has demanded more jobs in the IT industry. In recent years, there has been an increasing number of open positions of programming jobs in the whole world. Because of this, programming is not just increasing but is helpful for various IT solutions. 

If you’re a developer, it is essential to understand the solutions that programming provides. With lots of tools available in the programming world, no doubt you’ll be able to find what suits you best. 

With its interactive UI and integration into web browsers, you’ll easily practice it through its instant feedback. However, it will be up to you what programming language to start as a beginner. It’s best to do your research, practice, and try a lot of coding language to see what suits you best. 




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