How Digital Technology Can Benefit Your E-Commerce Business

By Gloria Martinez – You’ve spent years building your e-commerce business, and it’s finally paying off. You’ve built up a loyal customer base, ramped up your stock-keeping skills, and now have the confidence to start selling your own products. Great job! But now you have to keep going and find new ways to keep your profits growing.

E-commerce has grown at an exponential rate over the last decade, and this growth shows no sign of slowing. Forbes notes that the total value of e-commerce sales is expected to exceed $5 trillion in 2022.

It’s an exciting time to be in retail, but there are new challenges, as well. The fierce competition and small margins of e-commerce make it challenging for new businesses to succeed.

So to help you get a head start, outlines some of the top digital technology trends that you need to keep your e-commerce business thriving.

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The Power of Data

Data has the power to improve your business in a number of ways. It can help you identify new opportunities and trends in your market. It can help you understand and correct any issues you’re facing. And it can even help you improve customer service and build a loyal customer base.

No matter what type of e-commerce business you have, data will have an impact on your business. It can help you find new ways to grow your revenue, lower your costs, and improve your customer service.

Data is generated from every single transaction that happens in your e-commerce business. This data can help you predict customer behavior and can even help you identify the best times of the day to get sales. Data helps you maintain a clear picture of your business and identify any issues that may be affecting your revenue. Using data as a guide, TechTarget points out that you can quickly identify any issues affecting your revenue and take steps to correct them.

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Digital Transformation with Process and Task Mining

Digital transformation is all about bringing your business online. It’s taking your offline strategy and bringing it online. You can think of it as creating a digital version of your business, using digital technology to drive revenue and connect with your customers.

It’s important to choose the right digital transformation strategy for your business. The best digital transformation strategy will be one that works for your business. This means that you need to analyze your current revenue and identify where you can increase revenue.

Some proven methods include implementing cloud computing into your daily operations, as well as analyzing big data to streamline and optimize your processes. An integral part of this data analysis is process mining, which uses data to discover, validate, and improve workflows, all to benefit operations on many levels. At the individual process level, task mining gives you information on how each action affects the bigger picture. Not only is efficiency improved, but process mining can also help you increase sales, manage risk, and help you find hidden opportunities.

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Digital transformation also lets employees work remotely. Remote work has shown to be a very beneficial venture for e-commerce businesses. But with remote workers, you need to make sure that you are communicating effectively. To achieve this, consider a process map template. This tool lets you analyze what everyone is working on so that your team can stay organized and on the same page collectively.

Another key development to add to your business is a mobile app. If you don’t have a way for customers to make easy payments online, you’re missing out on a significant revenue stream.

But when you add your mobile payment app, you must make sure it is secure. This is where authentication API is essential. Customers can instantly verify their bank account details and routing numbers when they pay by ACH. The app can be used seamlessly with all ACH processors, including apps like Stripe or Dwolla. This makes for an even more user-friendly customer experience.

Whether it’s harnessing the power of data through process mining or utilizing the latest digital solutions like cloud computing, you can effectively strategize and use what’s available to optimize your e-commerce business.


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