How does Instagram make use of AI

With over 1 billion active users, Instagram is without a doubt one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It is used by individuals, brands, and businesses to share visual content with their audience. Many brands are using this platform asa marketing strategy because of the wide reach that the app provides. Instagram has many tools available for growth such as hashtags, but there are also services outside of Instagram, like Growthoid, that can help you grow your account and get more Instagram followers. These services are all about helping you grow an audience that cares about your business, and attracting potential customers.

It is not widely known, but Instagram uses interesting AI features to help users find their favourite content. It is part of Instagram’s strategy to use AI to keep demographics interested in their product and the app uses tools such as suggested users or trending posts to provide users with more relevant content. Read on to find out more detailed information about how Instagram uses AI to provide a better user experience.

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Provide the best user experience

Instagram wants users to find value in the platform so they make sure to show users what they want to see. There is tons of content on social media and the numbers are always growing which can make finding relevant content very challenging for users. This is why Instagram changed the feed from reverse-chronological order to displaying posts that the app thinks users would like to see and share. Instagram introduced machine-learning algorithms to help organize information and better learn what content is most valuable and relevant to each user thus creating a more personal feed.

Design a feed just for you

Instagram prioritizes providing users with content that is relevant to them, so in 2016 Instagram changed its feed to first show posts that the algorithm believes users would want to share and see. We have previously mentioned a machine learning algorithm that carefully chooses which content is more relevant for certain users and this was introduced to design a feed that is personalized for each user on the app which creates a better user experience and shows the user content that they connect with and will be more likely to engage with on their feeds.

Deal with spam

Another way Instagram uses artificial intelligence is to filter spam. Instagram’s spam filter removes fake messages from Instagram accounts written in 9 different languages including English, Mandarin, and Arabic. When span messages are detected, they automatically get removed and Instagram uses DeepText, which is Facebook’s artificial intelligence algorithm, to understand the context of a particular message almost as well as a human being can, making this a very effective way to deal with spam on the app.

Deal with cyberbullying

Instagram has the biggest cyberbullying problem of any of the social media platforms. In fact, a survey revealed that 42% of over 10,000 UK youth ages 12-25 years old, reported that they were bullied on Instagram the most. This is why Instagram has introduced machine learning that automatically removes offensive posts and unlike other social media platforms, the app does not rely on users first reporting the offensive or abusive language before they remove it. Based on the success of DeepText to remove and identify spam, officials at Instagram started viewing this as a solution to eliminating comments that violate the app’s community guidelines. Now, if there is something on the algorithm that is offensive, it gets removed immediately. DeepText has even been praised by cyberbullying prevention organizations for the positive efforts it is making.

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Collect insight

Finally, we are going to look at how Instagram uses AI to gain insight into the economic, social, and cultural factors that affect users from around the world. Instagram gained this insight with the help of big data and various technologies such as automated analysis algorithms, computer vision, and machine learning. These technologies went through enormous amounts of data created by various social media sites.

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The world is evolving and Artificial intelligence is something that almost every industry is starting to adopt and if they haven’t adopted it yet, they are not evolving. Instagram uses AI to provide the best user experience, design feeds especially for their users, filter spam messages, and fight cyberbullying by removing offensive and abusive posts and collecting insight about social media users across the world.



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