How Artificial Intelligence Can Power Your Retirement

By Justin Weinger – If you’re nearing retirement age, you might have a number of different concerns. You might wonder whether you have enough saved or what you will do if you develop health conditions or mobility issues. You may want to make sure that you have a full and enjoyable retirement but be uncertain as to how to go about that. You may be surprised to learn that artificial intelligence can play a big role.

AI in Retirement Planning

If retirement is still a little way off, artificial intelligence can be a great way to improve the performance of your retirement account and help increase the likelihood that you’re making the most of the money that you have put away. The advantage of using AI in this scenario is its ability to deal with a large amount of data and make forecasts without being hindered by human error or biases.

Machine learning improves over time to refine these forecasts. This takes some of the burden off of you and can allow you to take a look at other potential sources of money for retirement as well. For example, you may decide that you want to work part-time, or you might have another asset you can sell. You can review a guide on whether you are eligible to cash out your life insurance policy and how to go about doing so, which can provide a healthy supplement to your lifetime of savings.

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Smart Technology for Safety

Not everything in your smart home is AI-powered, but some of it will be, and having smart technology installed in your home along with any physical alterations that need to be made can be a great way to ensure that you are able to remain there and live independently. This can range from simple systems, such as voice-activated lights and temperature controls, to much more unusual AI gadgets and sophisticated solutions.

There are monitoring systems that can help detect when you have deviated from your regular patterns and can alert loved ones to help keep you safe. Another useful feature for older adults is a smart doorbell so that you can identify visitors. There are also devices that can help you with vacuuming and other household chores, smoke detectors that alert neighbors or family members as well as you, and much more.

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Smart Technology for Leisure

If you are struggling with your dexterity or vision, you can get a system that voice activates music or movies for you. You can also use smart hubs to help you connect with family and friends that are far away through video calling with voice activation. This can help you feel more as though you are participating in activities such as birthdays even when you can’t be there in person.

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The ability to use voice activation goes beyond turning things on and off. You can adjust volume, change channels or devices and do much more. This can be especially helpful for people for whom handling small devices or walking across the room to make an adjustment would be challenging.


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