How to add guest features to your Virtualbox on Ubuntu 18.04

In you are running Ubuntu on a Virtualbox and you would like to use some features such as folder sharing, mouse pointer integration and clipboard access(for copy and paste), you would need to enable Guest Additions.

To do so, start your Virtualbox and click on the top menu item called ‘Devices’ as shown in the snapshot below :

Virtualbox guest additions Ubuntu

Now click on the last item of the menu, .i.e. Insert Guest Additions CD Image…

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This will bring up the dialog box below :

If you do not see the popup above, open your file explorer on your Virtualbox and move to the folder below :

You will see a button on the top right corner with the caption ‘Run Software’. Click on that button and you will see the popup that was shown previously.

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Now go ahead and provide your root user and password in the next popup.

You will see a terminal session with the installation details.

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Once this is done, close the terminal window and restart your Virtualbox.

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