How To Attract and Keep Customers Using Digital Marketing

By Aston Rhodes – Compared to previous years, 2021 is the best year for digital marketing so far. It is reported that digital ad spend is estimated to reach $435.83 billion and it will continue to increase in the near future. The more internet coverage increases the more digital marketing will develop. So, digital marketers have to gear up to meet the new demands for this year’s business application development. Businesses need to find new ways to get around their competitors if they want to stay active in the market.

The digital market is a huge platform for attracting new customers and developing your business. Let’s see what are the best ways to make and keep new clients:

Targeted Content

One of the most unique things it offers is targeted content. With digital marketing, you can show your customers what they want to see. Advertise products that they are actually interested in. For example, a customer visits your online store for a specific device. Now you see what they are looking for. You can target that customer with ads about similar products. Digital marketing lets businesses market products and services that a user needs Download Windows Capture Tool. On the other hand, conventional marketing does not offer content tailored to each customer’s interest.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing offers the highest income in return. This is the best rate of return compared to other marketing channels. You can have as much as $44 in return for every 1$ spent on email marketing. With email marketing, a business can maintain a list of potential leads. When a customer is interested in a specific product and visits your website to find it. Your website collects that data to send marketing emails to that customer about similar products by Joe Terro. Customers also sign up to hear about discounts, coupons, and flash sales, etc. This way you’ll always have a customer who you can sell your product to.

Social Media Marketing

Let’s look at what makes social media marketing a highly effective selling channel. According to SmartInsights, there are about 4.388 billion internet users in the world. Out of these, 3.484 billion are active social media users. That is about 47% of the total population of the world right now. Social media is a huge mine of untapped sales leads. As per 2020 stats, internet users have on average 7 social media accounts. You know what products your customers are searching for in your online store. You then display relevant ads to those customers on social media. This way you can easily attract customers from all social media sites.


SEO is used for making your website visible in search engines. As an important part of digital marketing, SEO can help your business to stand out among millions of search results. This helps your customers find you easily on search engines. SERP ranking is an important part of SEO. It will rank your website higher in search engines’ results. Consider this, Google gets 63,000 searches every second Download long vacation. That leads to 5.6 billion searches every day. By using SEO, you can make sure that your website shows up on these searches. One effective way is to use keywords in your content that people are mostly searching for. For example, if you are a carpet cleaning service based in let’s say London. Your go to phrase would be something like carpet cleaners London or best carpet cleaning in London. Google keyword finder helps you in this case. You just put your industry in the filter. It will tell you what keywords people are searching for and how many times YouTube mass.

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Retargeting is another way digital marketing helps you in attracting and keeping customers. Retargeting helps you to follow up on customers who have shown interest in the business. A customer adds a product to the cart but for whatever reason ends up not purchasing it. This is known as cart abandonment in the online shopping industry. According to OptinMonster, the cart abandonment rate jumped to 76% in 2019 Watch. It means that you somehow lost 76 customers out of 100. That is a significant number. What retargeting does is that it tracks all this data. You can then send follow-up emails to customers about their cart. You can even lure them into completing the order by offering them a discount on it.

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KPI Tracking

Digital marketing is a smart channel of marketing. It offers many features to your business. For example, you can track how many customers have clicked on an ad. You can check the number of visitors to your website. You can see how many people have signed up to receive marketing emails. You can also find out what country, population segment, gender, and age group are viewing your marketing content. This is a great edge over conventional marketing. You can choose to market a product to a specific group using digital marketing. You can target some countries with content related to their liking. This helps you to be more attractive to new customers.

Developing Brand Identity

Digital marketing helps your business by developing an attractive brand identity. You can stay connected with your target audience through all channels. You can express the story of your brand in a better way through digital marketing. You can also monitor your competitors using social media. Social media users share a lot of content with their friends. Digital marketing guides your content to reach more social media users. You can also spread your word using brand ambassadors. Share positive reviews from your customers. This serves as social proof of the credibility of your brand.

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Final Words

Now we are living in a highly developing digital world. This means that businesses around the globe will be marketing more digitally. It also represents a new challenge to newly set up businesses to compete in this market. In short, your digital marketing strategy will define your success in 2021 and onwards.


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