How to copy paste between Windows 10 and Android

 In Windows 10 there is a feature called “copy and paste between devices” within the application Your Phone. It is a native way to sync the clipboard of your PC and your Android mobile .

The copy and paste between devices works with text or images, and promises to be quite practical: if you press Ctrl + C on your computer, you can hold your finger on a text field on Android and tap Paste. The same works in reverse: select an image on the phone, tap Copy and use Ctrl + V to paste it on the PC.

The feature needs to be enabled in the settings of the Your Phone application in Windows.

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Marianne elanotta

As a graduate in communication technologies, Marianne likes to share the latest technological advances in various fields. She likes to program in Java OO and Javascript and prefers to work on Open source operating systems. She likes to play chess and computer games in her spare time along with her 2 kids.

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  1. howieG

    After telling me to go to the Microsoft Authenticator, which I don’t have, then tapping accept in messages, and then getting no less than 4 critical errors , I just created a Dos file, copied that to the phone, and did the copy and paste from there.

    Good going Microsoft on spending 5 years creating software which the user is unable to use.


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