Internet Monitoring Software Helps to Increase Employee Productivity

Many managers and employees get curious about how monitoring online behavior affects productivity. After all, if the business seems to be progressing — everyone’s hitting each milestone on time, and employees are reporting early to work — why monitorinternet activity? Implementing monitoring software not only allows you to supervise and assess task performance but also helps to increase overall team productivity.

The Internet is both a blessing and a curse at the same time. It offers many irresistible temptations such as:

  • social networks and hilarious memes;
  • news portals and feeds that keep you up to date;
  • online games and applications;
  • entertainment websites, etc.

Have you ever noticed how quickly you can go from googling something for something relevant to your work to shopping for a new pair of shoes? The Internet entices us with captivating ads, fascinating articles, and video pop-ups that get us carried away. Is there some way to avoid falling into its clutches? The good news is, there is!

Aside from the best productivity apps employees and employers can both install, here are some other ways to help increase overall efficiency when working at home or at work.

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How to Monitor the Internet Usage?

How do you keep track of what your workers are doing on the Internet? The solution lies in special programs designed to automatically analyze and record the most frequently visited websites and the time spent on them.

Worktime is an employee monitoring software That treats privacy with respect, does not spy, and has been boosting employees’ productivity for over 20 years now. The company offers two deployment options – Cloud and On-Premises, and its customers can try either of the versions for 14-30 days for free. Suppose you have a strict policy and do not want the recorded data shared with anyone outside your company. In this case, you can install the on-premises option, and all the monitoring results are kept on your servers or computers.”

This way, you can determine whether your employees visit non-work-related websites throughout the day. The software allows you to track your employees’ behavioral patterns and identify inappropriate websites that require blocking. All of these actions can lead to increased productivity and even profits.

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How Does It Influence Productivity?

Given the overwhelming number of salaries spent on unjustified idle time regularly, it is pretty clear why companies lean towards Internet monitoring systems to help increase productivity at the workplace. Managers track their employees’ online activity because they want to know what websites they are visiting and how much time they spend on these websites at work. That way, the employer can ascertain that everyone is working for their paycheck and not playing the fool.

Studies have shown that when employees know they are being monitored, they become more disciplined and motivated. Employees resist the guilty pleasure of browsing the internet and focus more on their work. After introducing the employee monitoring system, overall performance increases by 30% in as little as a week.

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Other statistics show that managers raise major IT project budgets by 45 percent over the initial agreed-upon budget and deadlines by 7 percent.

This is why it is important to track previous project details to better estimate potential costs and deadlines. Furthermore, using the software allows you to determine factors preventing your team from reaching deadlines. Who knows, maybe it’s a new season of the QA’s favorite show that they’re watching at work that’s keeping them from completing projects on time.

It is important to understand and communicate to your employees that monitoring software is not a spying tool. Its purpose is to help them identify productivity killers at work and work on them for better results.


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