How to become a video editor: 5 Top tips

Watching your favorite superhero win the war against evil is enough to make you amazed! Inside your mind, you are already astounded by the use of those vibrant filters and sound effects that make the frame more real. But to connect the reel world with the real, you need determination and skills!

Only a video editor knows how to do it perfectly. And if you are also determined about becoming a proficient editor, here’s what you need to learn. It’s noteworthy to state that being a video editor isn’t a job that immediately springs to your mind! However, it has turned out to be one of the most demanding career opportunities right now.

With the rapid upsurge in video editing (thanks to TV & film content production), there’s accelerating demand for video editing. That makes it pretty evident that video editing jobs are in high demand. So, if you want to make it into this career choice, wear your creative hat and read this post to start off. Here’s presenting the five top tips that help you make a lucrative career as a video editor.

1. Understanding The Role of A Video Editor

Joining the segments of video together isn’t the only thing that an editor has to perform. Juxtaposition, as regarded in technical terms, is only an integral part of the job. The rest lies in the professional’s creativity and how he or she makes the proper use of the skills.

Of course, an online video editor can facilitate learning the predominant methodologies of editing. But unless you aren’t sure of professional editing, it becomes impossible to make a career in this domain.

The fact that professional editing is more complex than other editing types is enough to give you a fair indication about editing courses. Perhaps, you can also take the best help from YouTube to learn to edit.

Professional video editing is a desk job, although people have started working from home during the pandemic. Unless you start working on a premium level, you won’t be demanded to merge into more directional or supervisory roles.

2. Knowing The Salary Structure

The difference between an average and a good video editor lies in the salary structure. Lately, competent professionals are in high demand. And this is the recent-world trend that’s going to get more popular in the foreseeable future. This very factor reflects in the salary structure!

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Another factor that determines the salary is that different countries offer different remuneration to these professionals. Suppose a video editor in the US who earns more than an editor in Asia! That’s because the demand for editing in the US is higher than in Asia. Such factors determine how much money you are going to make in this field!

3. Learning New Skills And Mastering Old Ones

Besides specialized software, editing requires some skills. Although it’s not just a technical challenge, technical understanding will help you make greater strides in the domain. Additionally, you also need your creativity to present a frame as authentically as possible.

Both storytelling and aesthetics have significant roles to play in your job. Thus, you need to have the potential to visualize from your mind and present the final result in the same way. What you see should be portrayed for your audience to visualize.

Attention to detail is another crucial consideration that an online video editor/video maker must work on. Also, you need to have a strong work ethic. Given the rapid pace of the industry, taking inspiration from other’s work is just a mere concept. You also need to have a problem-solving mentality such that you present intractable puzzles without compromising on narrative elements.

4. Qualification to Become A Professional

Just being passionate about editing or learning via online courses won’t make you eligible for the job. You also need to have the minimum degree of qualification required for the field. You’d be surprised to know that some companies even advertise for people with a graduate degree.

It also makes sense to pursue your graduation with editing subjects. One of the courses that you choose is B. Sc. in video editing, film and television, media and film, media production, and more. Entry-level positions require experience and expertise knowledge too. That’s the reason you will have to survey after your 12th senior secondary and get admission to a reputed college with editing subjects.

Alternatively, you can also choose major subjects in your graduation and choose any editing crash courses to become eligible for the job. Remember, as a fresher, you need to learn and garner experience to become a proficient professional.

5. Required Training and Experience 

As an editor, experience and training are intertwined. You won’t be able to start working unless and until you have proper experience and training. The reason is that you first need to make the appropriate use of editing software and tools. The second thing that you need to do is to understand the prerequisites of editing.

Yes, there’s absolutely no denying that self-taught video editing content can help you teach a lot about editing. But unless you get grips with editing tools, it does not make sense.

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Budding video editing enthusiasts look for internships and work placements. This means that you need to send inquiries to an array of production companies as well as ad agencies. Once you are interviewed and get appointed, you have a variety of opportunities! As a fresher, you get to learn a lot of strategies from your trainer. Experience and training will help you become a proficient professional in the distant future. And for this, you need time, effort, and hard work.

Wrapping Up

For a video editor, telling a tale from the raw video forms isn’t a piece of cake. So, if you want to make it into video editing, the aforementioned tips are enough to give you an entry point. With these things kept in mind, you are going to start off effortlessly. So, here’s wishing you all the best for such a progressive career ahead!



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