Is Coding Easier Today Than It Was 10-15 Years Ago

By Jennifer Broflowski – The technology industry is evolving rapidly, and the world will need more qualified coders in the foreseeable future. Software development was very different just 10-15 years ago.

The unprecedented advancement in technology has made coding more accessible to everyone. Now, coding is easier than ever. In this post, we are going to discuss factors that have made coding easier.

Free tutorials

Developer communities are growing faster than ever, and there are plenty of programming tutorials for these eager learners. Anyone who wants to learn a programming language can find free resources both online and offline.

There are loads of free tutorials on popular programming languages like Java. Most learners flock to Oracle which offers official Java tutorials.

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Online Tutoring Services

Getting in touch with a good online tutor is one of the fastest ways to learn to code. There are countless tutors helping students learn coding online. And the process of finding a tutor is easy. You just have to find an online tutoring service, select a tutor and start learning.

Advanced learning courses


Now there are online programming courses with gamification elements, learning plans and social features. These courses put emphasis on applicable skills rather than useless theory. As a result, learning software development is less time-consuming now. An eager learner can master valuable skills in a relatively short period of time.

Whether you are taking a formal course or learning it by yourself, now you have access to more polished and varied resources. Many full functional developers have acquired their skills just from online courses. Resources are abundant.

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Programming prep platforms

Just a decade ago, there was no such thing as a programming preparation platform. These days, there are many such platforms. They allow beginners to practice programming and prepare for job interviews. Some of these platforms offer gamified methods of learning to code.

YouTube channels and blogs about programming


Many expert programmers teach programming and talk about various aspects of programming via YouTube channels and blogs. There are options for learners who prefer watching videos to reading blogs. There are blogs that discuss not only hardcore coding but also various aspects related to coding.

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Coding games

Let’s admit that most schools are still unprepared to teach students skills they need to navigate this brave new world. Classes on programming languages are usually boring, and most students actually hate these classes.

Playing coding games can be a fun way to acquire valuable coding skills. These games can help kids, even older learners, to grasp the essence of coding.

It should also be noted that coding games are inadequate for real learning. If you are serious about your ambition, consider finding a good tutor. And with so many tutoring services online, finding a good site can be tricky.

Even a reputed tutoring site like Wyzant is not perfect—there are Wyzant tutoring complaints. With that said, it is always safe to choose a site that has already gained some reputation.

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Easily available answers to every question

Whether you have a common or obscure question, you will find answers online. Just phrase the question appropriately and type it into any search engine. You will often find articles discussing the question and providing multiple answers to the same question, helping you understand the point better.

Development tools are better

Tools used for coding are now way better than they were a decade ago. Now there are sophisticated tools for debugging, documentation, and profiling. These tools make things easier for entry-level coders as well as experts.

In order to learn well, you need a good tutor as well as good tools. Whether you use Wyzant or any other tutoring service, make sure you choose a tutor who is up-to-date with the tools used by professional coders.

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Final thoughts

In order to become good at something, there is no alternative to working hard. And that’s true for coding as well. However, for a host of reasons, mastering a programming language is way easier than it was just 10-15 years ago. When it comes to coding, scarcity of resources is no longer a problem.

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