3 Efficient Ways to Hire Vue Developers

It is not easy to hire Vue developers. The local talent pool may be scarce or skillful professionals may be hard to find due to high demand. In addition, the programmers should be open to your job proposal.

Discover a few less conventional ways to find and hire Vue js developer that will be a great fit for your team.

Basic Steps to Hire Vue Developers

Vue.js development is a demanding job, and candidates must be thoroughly evaluated before you make the final decision. The following steps will ensure that the competence of the professionals you hire will match your expectations and product specs.

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Identify the Requirements

When creating a job description to hire Vue.js programmer, be as specific as possible, and use clear language. Collect information from your development team leader or tech manager to ensure the accuracy of the requirements. Aside from developing a functional list, you need to specify the skill set. 

For instance, the Vue.js developer may need to be proficient in front-end technologies, coding, server maintenance, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, etc. In addition to the core skills, you may require a good understanding of your target niche and strengths like:

  • proficiency in Scrum or Agile methodologies;
  • understanding of a specific process like code analysis or continuous integration;
  • experience with GitHub or Git;
  • understanding of your target niche.

Find the Best Solution

After clarifying the concept of your project and its budgetary constraints, you can begin searching for your Vue.js developer for hire. At this stage, you may choose between hiring in-house talent and looking for independent contractors. For example, you may consider the local pool of freelancers, contact consulting agencies that specialize in the niche, or use digital recruitment tools.

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Your budget and project scope will determine if it is worth looking for freelancers, dedicated Vue.js developers for hire, part-time or full-time staff. For example, if you have a tight schedule and the Vue.js project is relatively modest, why spend time on recruitment and onboarding?

Large-scale projects justify these costs, as you need an expert who will always stay in place, so you can discuss any details, review progress, etc. Hiring a permanent employee is pricier. While members of a dedicated team may be paid based on the time and materials principle, an employee needs the same benefits as your other staff, such as medical insurance, paid holiday, etc.

Check Previous Projects

After working out your selection criteria and the specifics of the new project, think about your background assessment strategy. This will simplify hiring, as you will know exactly what experience to look for.

Ask your candidates for an overview of their previous work or a portfolio if it is available. This should also be done in advance, so you can study their achievements before the interviews. Requesting written job recommendations is also a good idea, but not every candidate will be able to provide them.

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Test Tech Skills

Before making a decision to hire vue.js developer, you need to make sure their practical skills are good enough. Do this before sending the job offer. If your company is currently working on a Vue.js project, you can involve them in it or give some other task. Check how well they will cope.

Where to Find Vue.js Developers

Companies looking for talented developers have three options. They can find freelancers, hire experts or outsource development to a reputable firm. Here are the key considerations in each case.


This option is best if your application has some issues that must be fixed. However, it is generally unsuitable for large and demanding projects. Hiring freelance talents requires in-depth research to make sure the expert has the skills you require and their experience is sufficient.


The key advantage of hiring tech talent is that the experts will always be available during working hours. However, they also need strong soft skills, so they can fit in. Do not make rash decisions and hire Vue developers without planning.


Finally, outsourcing a project usually costs less than hiring employees. If you partner up with a reliable firm, its team will be experienced and equipped with all the necessary hardware and software. This is a great package option, particularly for large projects.

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