The 5 best background check sites

There are a number of different background check sites on the internet, and it can be difficult to know which ones are the best. This article will discuss five of the most reputable background check sites. We will also provide information on how each siteworks and what you can expect from using them. By the end of this article, you should have a good understanding of which site is best for your needs.

1. BeenVerified

BeenVerified is a fee-based online service record for personal, employment, and legal purposes. It claims to have the largest public records database in the United States, with billions of people’s criminal, traffic, evictions, tax liens, bankruptcies records searchable. Basic members can run unlimited searches on names. Company reports typically cost money unless you are employed by the company that owns BeenVerified. However, if you want to verify an individual’s identity or perform a comprehensive search on someone, this site may be right for you. With this site, you can search public records, including arrests & convictions, bankruptcy filings & civil judgments, business licenses & LLC information, real estate transactions, sex offender records, voter registrations & property records. This site is very straightforward and easy to use, but it does cost money if you want more detailed information on an individual.

2. is a background check service that offers the most extensive reports available, from criminal records to driving, sex offender registry, and even property records. It also sends you an email if the person checks out online again after you look them up. In addition, it can provide a background check on an employee and spouse or significant other. You can run unlimited searches for free, but getting detailed reports costs around $33 for ten checks conducted over three months. The downside is that the information they give doesn’t go much beyond what’s already public record.

3 . MyLife

MyLife is a subscription-based service that claims to be the most complete people search engine. When you use MyLife, your report will show “age and date of birth” and some contact information if they have it in their public listing. You can get more detailed information by subscribing to one of their plans. If you need to do a background check on an individual, then this site may be right for you because it has three different membership options: basic ($5/month), Plus ($10/month), and Premium ($20/month). The basic option offers records dating back 15 years; the PLUS version provides 30 years’ worth of historical information, and the PREMIUM plan offers access to over 260 billion pieces of demographic data.

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4 . ZabaSearch

Zabasearch is a free background check service that promises to find the name of anyone when you provide their first and last name, city with state or zip code. You can’t view photos or do an address search like other sites, but if you need a quick look up on someone, this will be sufficient. The downside is that it doesn’t offer thorough reports; the information contained is mostly provided through links to other third-party websites. If you want to save your search results for future reference, then this site may not be right for you because it only allows one free profile per person and after that, members must pay $5/hour, $10/day, $40/week or $100/month.

5 . Public Records Now

Public Records Now is a free online search that allows you to run unlimited searches on individuals and businesses in the United States. Information typically found in these reports include contact details (including email addresses and phone numbers), social networking activity, known aliases, age, and map locations according to various public data points. You can also conduct reverse address look-ups to find out who lives at a specific location in the United States based on their street address. The downside is that the information they give doesn’t go much beyond what’s already public record, but if all you need is an email address, this site may be right for you because it won’t cost anything and will deliver what you need.

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There you have it, the five best ways to check someone out online. While these sites may not do everything possible, they can still be useful tools. You need to decide what information you require and which site will give it to you at a reasonable price.


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