The Benefits And Drawbacks of Vue.JS

Vue.js, sometimes known as the ‘progressive’ framework, is most recognized for its design philosophy, which emphasizes gradual software development adoption. Despite its moniker, Vue.js does not precisely have an abundance of features. In fact, Vue.js provides just the minimal requirements of a JavaScript framework.

Being simple is often a beneficial thing in a world where complexity and technical progress are unfathomably vast. This is why a framework called Vue.js has been created.

What Is Vue.js?

A JavaScript framework called Vue.js is used to create single-page apps and user interfaces. Vue.js is open-source like the finest of them all. Model view is the architectural design pattern used.

The 2014 edition of the framework, which was created by Evan You in reaction to his experience with AngularJS while working at Google, is a direct result of his design. He wanted to design a completely new framework that was noticeably lightweight while retaining the elements of AngularJS that he loved. The MVVM design permits the separation of the business logic or model from the graphical user interface or view.

The separation creates a design that is both easy to understand and use for front-end and back-end programmers. The framework that keeps such issues apart and serves as a liaison is the view model. In addition, the main library of Vue.js is entirely devoted to the view layer. The Vue.js supporting libraries must be used to get extra capabilities. However, Vue.js’s directives are its standout feature.

Vue’s benefits

Performance and Portability

Its minimal size and efficiency are highly important qualities that many Vue Developers have emphasized. The core package is just 18kB in size when gzipped. The majority of Vue’s APIs are tree-shakable, and the framework is built to be efficient without further optimizations. Additionally, it has built-in directives that aid in performance enhancement, such as v-once and v-memo.

Learning Curve and Ease of Use

Vue is simple to comprehend and assimilate. The learning curve is not as high, and the ideas of development are straightforward. Large-scale project development is aided by it. The truth is that Vue incorporated the most innovative ideas from Angular and React.

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According to the preceding statement, thorough documentation is the most beneficial for understanding Vue and the development process since it satisfies the information needs of Vue.js developers about important features, tools, and ideas.

Easily Integrated

Unlike other JavaScript frameworks, Vue is easy to integrate and can be used to add components to already existing apps in addition to constructing new ones. Libraries have been developed to facilitate and streamline this procedure.


Composition API, a new feature in Vue 3 that is comparable to React Hooks, is now available. Given that Composables can handle state management, Vuex is no longer required. Reactivity was extensively refactored in Vue 3; it now builds isolated calculated values and passed data via reference.

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Con’s of Vue

Language Difference

One of Vue’s issues is that the majority of its users are from China, which might be troublesome for specific products or studies. Chinese Vue developers provide a large number of packages with documentation that is written in their mother tongue. Chinese forums and conversations may be accessed by extensive research on Vue topics. For developers who only speak English, this is an issue. The fact that this issue gradually goes away as more international Vue communities develop is important to note.

Overly Flexible Risk

Vue has a lot of versatility, which gives users a lot of opportunities to use various methods. Large projects may result in issues with inconsistent code. In this scenario, Vue developers must take the time to reconcile the code since using diverse ways might result in more significant issues like varied application malfunctions and difficulty in project development.

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A Lesser Amount of Plugins and Components

Developers of Vue may believe that there aren’t as many plugins and libraries available as there are for React. The majority of them are included in the Vue version, although more precise specifications might solve issues with establishing appropriate libraries.


Vue.js: What is it? Vue.js is a little framework with a lot of punch, to put it simply. Vue.js offers the simplicity of starting with a blank slate for those who like it.

The framework also has the advantages of speed, simplicity, community and library support.


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